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5 Creative Back to School Ideas For Your Mobile Home


Back to school season is almost here! That means the kids are getting ready to go back to school and settle into a new routine until next summer. 

As a parent, you may be wondering how you can make the most out of your mobile home to ring in the back to school season as successfully as possible. Though it might seem like a large task, the MHVillager is here to help. 

Idea 1 – Find Your Flex Room For Homework and Homeschooling 

Many mobile homes have a spare “flex room” that can serve a variety of purposes. Some use the room as a home office, others use it as a spare bedroom. This room can also be used for your children to work on their schoolwork in a productive environment. 

Consider small desks for your children so they each have their own space for homework and projects. This works doubly well in case you have children that are still enrolled in virtual learning. 

Idea 2 – Get Creative With Your Home Automation

We talked recently in the MHVillager about ways to automate your mobile home with smart technology. What if we told you there was a way to use this to your advantage when it comes to setting up homework time for your kids? 

Some smart devices allow you to set routines to occur at different times of the day. So, you could have a smart speaker play a certain song at 7 P.M., for just one example. 

Using something like this can be a great way to motivate your children to start on their homework for the evening. Their favorite song can be a source of encouragement to head to the kitchen table and work on their homework as a family. And, it can establish a routine for the school season that kids and parents alike can enjoy. 

Idea 3 – Take Advantage Of Your Mudroom 

The mudroom is an increasingly popular room in many mobile homes. It’s a great space to hang up your coats and shoes, without tracking dirt and debris throughout the rest of the house. 

The mudroom can also be an incredibly powerful organizational tool. Having a dedicated rack for your children’s backpacks is a great start to keep their belongings in place. This way, there are no early morning scrambles to find someone’s missing backpack or folder. 

You can also consider hanging up a homework chart or whiteboard in your mudroom. This can be a great way to keep track of your children’s tasks for the evening to ensure their success in school. 

Idea 4 – Don’t Forget Your Education, Too! 

We’re not just thinking about the children with this blog post. Perhaps you’re going to school to get a degree, and you need a zen place, studio, or home office in your mobile home.

In this case, there are many ways to improve your mobile home lifestyle to help foster an educating environment: 

  • Dedicate a room or portion of a room in your mobile home to studying. 
  • Set smart routines in your mobile home that get you to bed on time, and up in the morning as well. 
  • Arrange your lighting fixtures so that your softest, least harsh lighting is near your study space
  • Space to work is important, but don’t forget a space for relaxation, too! Give yourself room in your manufactured home to pace, relax, and sit or lie down if you need to. 

Idea 5 – Take Back Your Home Office! 

Has your mobile home’s office space been taken over throughout the summer by children’s toys, or their school equipment, since they’ve been at home all day for three months? 

If they have, the back to school season is the perfect time to re-organize your office and make it your own space again. Having a dedicated desktop surface for your laptop, with a clean background for video calls, is an essential start if you work remote or attend online classes. 

You can also consider various accessories for your office to help boost productivity and even create less stress. For example, desk organizers for your electronics and notepads can make your work surface that much cleaner. 

You can also consider placing furniture to make your home office feel more cozy for the fall. If you have the space, a futon or lounge chair in your office can be a great place to relax or get away from your desk. 

These five tips for making the most of the back-to-school season in your mobile home will hopefully make the transition back into a routine for your children more enjoyable.