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Is Your A/C Out? Here’s How to Beat the Heat in Your Summer Mobile Home

MH Villager

Just because it’s summertime doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods when it comes to harsh summer heat waves. And, there’s nothing worse than having your air conditioning go out on a 90 degree day. Not only is it inconvenient, it can be dangerous. 

So, it’s worth going over some of the ways you can beat the heat if you find yourself without A/C. 

A/C Repair Basics

Let’s say you’re sitting at home on a hot summer day, and suddenly your A/C cuts out. First, there are a few things you should do to determine what the issue might be. 

Have other appliances, such as the fridge or your lights, gone out as well? If so, check your circuit breaker with professional assistance to see if you need to turn the affected circuit off and on. For some, this may fix the issue – perhaps you just overloaded a circuit! 

If your other appliances are out, but the above trick doesn’t work, you may have a power outage in your area. Report the outage to your electrical utility provider and monitor for updates. 

If the problem is isolated to your air conditioning unit, you may need to call a repairman. Very minor air conditioning problems, such as a filter that’s gotten dirty, can be fixed on your own in some cases. 

Set Up Your Fans In This Specific Fashion

While you’re waiting for your mobile home repairman to come take a look at your A/C, you may want to set up some fans around your house to help cool down the air in your mobile home. 

This can be a great idea, and is even more effective if you consider the following arrangement that can be done with just two box fans. 

Place the first box fan in an open window (with a screen) to circulate fresh air from the outside into your home. Ideally, this should be placed opposite the doorway in the room this fan will live in. This is because you’ll want a second box fan near the doorway to blow the air into the next room over. 

Another technique with fans is to place one box fan in an open window, blowing air OUT. Then, open the windows on the OPPOSITE side of the house where the cooler outside air will be drawn in by the negative air pressure the box fan creates by sucking the hot air out of the house. 

This technique works best in the morning or evening when the air is cooler outside than it is inside. If you do this technique in the morning, then close all your doors, windows, and curtains during the day, you can keep the inside of your home cooler than the warm air outside during the heat of the day.

Look Into Portable A/C Units 

If fans don’t cut it for you, then you can look into portable A/C units. These can vary greatly in price, range, and size, meaning there’s an option out there for any budget. 

Some handheld units that sit on a desk or table can go for as little as $50 on Amazon. These can be handy in a pinch if you’re working out of your mobile home’s remote work office and need to cool down before your next video conference. 

If you’re looking for a bigger device, various portable air conditioners can be moved around on wheels and sit in a corner of your living room, bedroom, or other room in your manufactured home for a few hundred dollars. These also come in various ranges of power and can cool off a good portion of your manufactured home. Some even come with dehumidifiers built in, making them an even more solid investment.

Beat the Heat in Your Community

If you live in a manufactured home community, go for a swim in your community’s pool if you have one! 

A great benefit of community living are the amenities available to you. In some communities, you can take advantage of an on-site swimming pool or spa. During the hot summer months, you can go for a dip with your family to cool off! 

Or, spend some time in your park’s air-conditioned clubhouse, if your park has one, while you wait for the A/C repairman to come to your home.  

Try Window Air Conditioning

One tried and true method of air conditioning your home, particularly during the hot summer months, is a window air conditioning unit. These can especially be great if your central air conditioning goes out and you need a quick, yet effective way to cool down your mobile home. 

These units also go for a few hundred dollars, but are mounted inside your window and sit partially outside. These days, some models that fit in your window can be controlled via a remote for ease of use. 

You can also find models of window air conditioners that can cool down an entire floor of your home, if the BTU (or British Thermal Unit, the measure of how powerful your air conditioner is) is high enough. Generally speaking, the higher the BTU, the more area it can cover in your home. For example, a 6,000 BTU air conditioner can cover an average of 300 square feet in your home, whereas a 10,000 BTU unit may cover more space.

When to Call a Repairman

Like we mentioned earlier, you’ll want to call your local A/C contractor for your central air conditioning 9 times out of 10. Some of the solutions we’ve talked about in this article, while they are temporary, should not mean that you put off fixing your central air if you have it. 

If you’re in the market for a central air replacement, however, we recommend checking out MHVillage’s Parts and Supplies page to shop for air conditioners and replacement parts.