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Many “Green” Benefits Inherent In The Manufactured Home Building Process

By George Talavera In Manufactured Home Builders

“The whole concept of green building is to reduce the demand which enables you to use fewer resources to satisfy the demand.” –  Mark Nuzzolo

“Green” building has become more and more popular throughout most of the world, and that includes manufactured housing as well. Perhaps surprising to many, there are multiple choices and affordable options available to potential manufactured home buyers that are beautiful, high quality, and “green.”

When a manufactured home is built for a homebuyer, sustainable decisions are made throughout the entire process that ensures a minimal environmental impact. Green manufactured homes offer an overall better use of energy, materials, and natural resources.

The inherent manufactured home construction process boosts numerous green benefits in every home produced. The efficient use and less waste of materials, along with the environmentally controlled indoor atmosphere of the building facility result in more durable homes than many competing site-built homes of similar styles. In addition, buyers of today’s modern manufactured housing have green choices when ordering homes based upon their specific likes and needs.


In addition to environmental factors, here are a few of the benefits homebuyers can enjoy with their new quality “green” manufactured home.

  • Comfort: The construction of a manufactured home or modular home lends itself to less drafts and more humidity control.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: The energy efficiencies of the manufacturing process found in a green manufactured home translates to lower utility costs. Greater flexibility in the construction process also allows for customization to meet homeowner lifestyle and needs, including ENERGY STAR – labeled manufactured and modular homes for additional savings in owning and operating a home.
  • Environmental Quality: Indoor construction environments are healthier, using products containing fewer chemicals. Other benefits include moisture control and air filtration.
  • Low Maintenance: The entire manufactured home is constructed with materials of the highest quality in order to reduce the need for replacement repairs.


How “green” a manufactured home depends on the aforementioned features involved in the home’s construction and the way in which the home is used every day. Homebuyers should look for quality energy savings seals on appliances, such as ENERGY STAR, which is offered by most retailers of manufactured housing.

Customers should inquire of the retailer as to what other green options or materials are available as an upgrade. Determine what renewable energy options are available. Post-production solar panels may be installed on a manufactured home for extra savings, the same as a site-built home.

BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW: A new modern high quality manufactured home with all the “green” features noted above will have a cost 50% less than a comparable site-built home and will be equal, and often superior, in every respect, including quality of construction, safety, amenities, design appearance, and value retention.