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Mobile Home Tie Down Requirements [Guide]

by bryceadmin in Blog, Safety

In an effort to keep your mobile home safe from being blown away during a high wind storm, there are special tie-down requirements in place. These requirements vary in different ways, such as whether the manufactured home is a single wide or double wide.

If you’re not careful to properly tie down your mobile home, high winds can pose a real threat. These winds can lift up your home right off the foundation. Hence the need for secure mobile home tie down requirements.


So now you get the idea behind the importance of mobile home tie-down requirements. Let’s look at what these requirements are and how to implement them.


When a mobile home is sold by a manufacturer, a manufacturer guidelines book is included with the mobile home. This is for the buyer and whatever professional he or she works with to install or make changes to the home.

In these guidelines, there are standards listed for things such as mobile home tie-down requirements for that particular model. This is helpful as the mobile home designers know the ins and outs of what makes the ideal installation for this particular mobile home.


For every location, there are specific standards to be met for mobile home installation. This is often practical, due to the nuanced differences in soil, winds, etc in every locale.

Mobile home manufacturers are always sensitive to the laws required for their designs. They want their designs to meet HUD approval in the various in-factory inspections they deal with. These inspections ensure the buyer is getting a safe home. Without these inspections, the manufacturer cannot sell the home to the new homeowner.

Additionally, if you can’t find your manufacturer’s guidelines, you’ll be in good shape if you just look up your local/state mobile home tie-down requirements. This will be the best way to ensure your home is properly set up.


There are wind zone parameters to consider in understanding your mobile home tie-down requirements.

For example, if you wish to install your mobile home in a zone one area, you’ll need two vertical ties per side and three diagonal ties per side. But if you wish to install your home in a zone two area, you’ll need two vertical ties per side and four diagonal ties per side. Tie quantity is determined by the length of your mobile home and whether your home is a single wide or a double wide.

To determine the standard for your particular mobile home and wind zone, contact your local government.