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The Ultimate Guide to Replacing Mobile Home Windows

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Replacing mobile home windows is something that you may want to do for a number of reasons. For instance, you might want to improve the curb appeal of your home, reduce the amount of outdoor noise you can hear inside your home, or change the way your windows open and close for better airflow and ventilation. You might even consider replacing your mobile home windows in an effort to increase the value of the structure if you’re planning on selling it in the near future.

In addition to the above examples, one of the biggest reasons people often choose to replace mobile home windows is to improve the energy efficiency of their mobile homes. 

In fact, of all your home’s features, windows play one of the most important roles in helping you maintain comfortable indoor temperatures and reducing your reliance on heating and cooling systems.

No matter what your motives for replacing your mobile home’s windows are, it’s important to choose the right mobile home replacement windows to ensure that they’re doing their jobs in terms of energy efficiency. This is especially true because mobile homes present unique challenges when replacing anything — not just windows.

Determine your mobile home’s window size

Standard mobile home window sizes usually differ from standard home window dimensions, so the first thing to do before you replace your windows is to ensure you know what size all your windows are.

To find mobile home window size, use a tape measure to measure from one side of the window’s frame to the other side, not including any nail flange that’s holding the window in place. If in doubt, it’s best to have a professional mobile home window installation contractor come and take the measurements for you.

After you’ve determined the sizes of all the windows you want to replace, you should ideally purchase your replacement windows from a company that specializes in mobile homes to ensure a proper fit. 

Star Mobile Home Supplies offers standard mobile home products that are suitable for all mobile homes. 

Select your mobile home replacement window

After you’ve determined your mobile home window sizes for all the windows you wish to replace, you can start looking at your different options for replacing mobile home windows. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about choosing the best replacement windows for mobile homes.

Mobile home sliding windows

Sliding windows are one of the most popular choices for mobile homes because they allow for good ventilation, while still providing high thermal performance and weather resistance when closed. 

Mobile home sliding windows come in both vertical sliding window and horizontal sliding window models, so you can choose whatever you prefer for each window in your home. 

Sliding windows are also available with either vinyl or aluminum framing, which are both very strong and weather-resistant options for replacing your mobile home’s windows.

Benefits of sliding windows for mobile homes:

  • Easy to use
  • Lockable and secure
  • Designed for maximum strength, energy efficiency, and functionality
  • Durable and low maintenance
  • Cost effective
  • Available with flush-mount, pre-punched flange for easy installation
  • Can slide vertically or horizontally

Aluminum mobile home windows

Mobile home replacement windows with aluminum framing are a popular choice because of the extra strength that aluminum provides. Aluminum mobile home windows, such as Kinro single-pane aluminum windows, are an economic option for mobile homeowners that provide added security and structural performance for your windows. 

Aluminum windows can even provide mobile home window AC support, which is ideal for older mobile homes that weren’t designed with the surrounding framing structure to support the weight of an in-window AC unit.

Single-hung or double-hung mobile home windows

Another choice you have to make when choosing mobile home sliding windows is whether you want single-hung or double-hung models. 

The difference between single-hung and double-hung windows is how many sashes move. Single-hung windows have one fixed sash and one sliding sash, that moves up and down or side to side. Double-hung windows have one fixed sash and two operable sashes, allowing you to open them further for even more ventilation and airflow.

Because standard mobile home window sizes are often on the smaller side, single-hung sliding windows are the most commonly used mobile home replacement windows.

Mobile home jalousie windows

Mobile home jalousie windows are an outdated style of mobile home windows that consists of several slats, which move up and down to control airflow. However, because they do not completely seal, these types of mobile home windows are incredibly inefficient for your energy costs. 

While jalousie windows still exist, they are mostly found on older mobile homes and primarily on those in areas with mild year-round climates.

Instead of jalousie windows, consider Star Mobile’s range of quality, energy-efficient mobile home windows. For instance, a vertical sliding window with vinyl or aluminum framing still allows for excellent ventilation control but seals completely when closed for maximum energy efficiency.

Installing your mobile home window

As long as you get appropriately-sized replacement windows for your mobile home, replacing mobile home windows is a fairly hassle-free process.

Since Star Mobile Home Supplies offers replacement windows with flush-mount, pre-punched mounting flanges, installing them is just a matter of popping out the old window and setting the new window in place.

If you’re someone with a bit of construction knowledge and DIY experience, you can even handle the process yourself. If not, you can get your local mobile home window contractor to perform the quick and easy installation for you.

In case you decide to do your new mobile home window installation project yourself, keep in mind that Star Mobile also offers a full range of mobile home window hardware and supplies. This includes putty tape and all-purpose silicone for additional sealing and weatherstripping needs.