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Top 10 Ways A Manufactured Home Defines The Good Life

By Jimmy Hegeduis In Manufactured Home Communities

All consumer studies and surveys indicate that Americans who are renting overwhelmingly still hold on to the belief that someday, somehow, someway their dream of homeownership will eventually be realized.

It has also been well chronicled that homeownership is the main component of the “good life”. This has been confirmed by a study by the National Association of Realtors that 87 percent of those polled cited homeownership as being the number one criterion for defining that “good life.”

For many it would seem that the American dream is becoming a “pipe dream” with realization seemingly curtailed by the lack of housing affordability in the traditional sense; site-built homes. It doesn’t have to be that way.

There is good news. The dream of affordable homeownership is actually being realized by thousands of new home shoppers every month choosing a new modern manufactured home as their choice of quality value-oriented affordable housing that matches or exceeds the criteria associated with the dream of homeownership while remaining both affordable and easily attained. A recent study by the National Family Opinion found that 93% of manufactured homeowners are satisfied with their housing choice.

Today’s new manufactured home is “everything a home should be,” checking the following top 10 ten boxes of personal reasons that owners and renters alike consider the attributes of manufactured home ownership that would define the “good life.”

(1)  Dislike of paying rent. –  Manufactured homeownership means no longer subject to the whims of a landlord, often with a monthly payment near equal to the cost to rent.

(2) Capital investment up to 50% less than that of the cost of a site-built home without sacrificing quality, features or appearance. How can that be? Click our blog post titled: “Manufactured Homes vs. Site-Built: The Debate

(3) Ability to have a home custom built with features to match their individual tastes and needs. Due to the flexibility, efficiency, and technological advances in modern-day assembly line production, today’s manufactured home builder is capable of providing a home built, equipped, and preferred amenities to the exacting requirements of the home purchaser, without sacrificing quality or expediency.

(4) Control of your own environment. – Owning a new modern manufactured home gives you the freedom to control how you enjoy life and the benefits inherent in controlling your family’s destiny.

(5) Emotional and financial security.  Owning a home gives the homeowner a sense of satisfaction that you have invested wisely in the very essence of the American dream.

(6) Enhances family stability. –  Owning a home contributes to a stable safe environment to live and raise a family and/or a sense of security for an aging resident. — “If you feel rooted in your home and family if you’re active in your community, there’s nothing more empowering.” — Julia Louis-Dreyfus on

(7) Independence and pride of ownership. – Homeownership is integral to the American dream. Owning a manufactured home gives people a sense of initiative, self-esteem, and pride, whether sited in a manufactured home land-lease community or upon private property.

 (8) Return on investment. –  When properly maintained, manufactured homes will appreciate (or depreciate) in value similar to any other form of housing in the surrounding area, and will not have a negative impact on the values of any of those homes.

(9) Minimal home maintenance. – Every manufactured home produced since the implementation of the HUD Code in 1976 is constructed with materials of the highest quality in order to reduce the need for replacement and repairs. The HUD Code requires each home and installation to be warranted for one year and ten days against defects in structure and materials.

(10) Fire and storm safety equal or superior to site-built homes. –  National fire studies by the Foremost Insurance Company and by the National Fire Protection Association found that a site-built home is more than twice as likely to experience the occasion of fire than a manufactured home.– A study by the University of Florida found that not one manufactured home built after HUD Code changes in 1994 was destroyed or seriously damaged by four hurricanes that struck Florida in 2004.