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What to Know About Mobile Home Floor Plans


Factory-built manufactured homes have become more advanced and more luxurious than ever before.

It’s a big part of why over 22 million people across the country have flocked to manufactured housing for its high quality and lower cost. 

When it comes to customizing your mobile home, you have many options when it comes to your mobile home’s floor plan.

But what exactly is a floor plan, and why is it important for you, the mobile home buyer? 

Here, we’ll go over not only why mobile home floor plans are important, but how you can customize them as you’re getting ready to build and buy your dream home. 

What is a Mobile Home Floor Plan? 

Essentially, manufactured home floor plans are a flat, two-dimensional layout of your new mobile home.

Similar to a floor plan for a site-built home, this will show you what rooms are in your home, where they’re located, and how big they are. Some manufacturers even offer three-dimensional renderings of their floor plans that you can virtually walk through. 

When it comes to your new home, a manufactured home floor plan is commonly used to show the homebuyer what your home’s layout will look like after it’s built. 

They’re a great way to decide on which features you’d like in your home before it’s built. 

Floor plans come with their own “language” that’s important to understand when reading a floor plan. For example, if one side of a floor plan reads “16’ 4”” near one side then that means the side is 16 feet, four inches long.

And, you’ll see that doors on a floor plan swing in the direction that they open in. You can read more here about how to understand these diagrams with ease.

Why Are Manufactured Home Floor Plans Important? 

Manufactured home floor plans are a great way to see for yourself how your manufactured home will look before it’s even built. For many homeowners and families, they’re an easy way to gauge: 

  • The size of your new mobile home, whether it’s a single wide, double wide, or triple wide (or even larger!)
  • The number of bedrooms and bathrooms at a glance
  • The walkable flow of your mobile home or modular home
  • Which rooms are in which parts of the home 
  • How many windows and doors your mobile home or modular home has 

They’re also great if you’re looking for modular homes for sale near you. Many mobile home builders (which we’ll get into in a little bit) offer modular home floor plans that have customizable options, which offer you even more options for your home. 

This makes shopping for a new home that much more fun! If you’re interested in modular home floor plans, you can look to manufacturers for those, too.

Who Offers Manufactured Home Floor Plans For Me To Browse? 

If you’re looking for floor plans near you, you can visit MHVillage to browse floor plans by state. By visiting MHVillage, you can look for builders that offer floor plans for mobile homes in your state and find one that best meets your needs.

This is especially great if you know you want to buy a mobile home in a specific market, or want to find an open concept home from a specific manufacturer.

By searching for manufactured home floor plans for your mobile home on MHVillage, you can also fine-tune your search based on the size of the home, as well as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

You can even look exclusively for floor plans with virtual tours, too, if you’re looking for something free of contact! 

Can I Customize My Mobile Home Using A Floor Plan? 

Absolutely! Many home builders offer customized manufactured home floor plans that give you even more options for your manufactured home. 

Say you want a double-wide mobile home with a home office instead of a third bedroom. Many manufacturers will offer floor plans with those kinds of customizations available. Many also offer open concept options.

Or, if you want an extra bathroom or a different closet configuration, some builders offer those too.

You can even customize your kitchen with various countertop materials to give it an even higher-quality feel. 

It’s best to check with each manufacturer to see which kinds of customized floor plans they offer.

Also, it’s important to make sure that a manufacturer you like operates in your state. Not all manufacturers operate in every state, so check beforehand on their website.