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101 Mobile Home Remodeling Ideas


Whether you just moved into your mobile home or have lived in it for years, you may be thinking about how to give your home a remodel. Thankfully, there are practically endless ways to remodel just about any room in your mobile home to give it a facelift or make some needed repairs. In fact – we have over one hundred of them! 

Every single room in your mobile home, from your kitchen to your bedroom to your living room, has features that can be remodeled. In this handy guide, we’ll go over mobile home remodel ideas for every room you could think of to spark inspiration for your next big DIY project.

Remodeling Your Mobile Home Kitchen

#1: Kitchen Cabinets

Mobile home kitchen cabinets are a great place to start if you want to give your home a fresh, new look. From modern to traditional Shaker cabinets, it’s easy to find a cabinet style that fits your budget and personal tastes.

#2: Kitchen Sink

There are a number of kitchen sink styles and materials that bring modern flair into any kitchen. You can even find a sink that comes with notches to hold a cutting board or a metallic grid that protects the bottom of your sink!

#3: Kitchen Backsplash

A kitchen backsplash can add a lovely drop of color near your cabinets and countertops. These are a relatively easy, yet stylish addition to any kitchen thanks to how much flair they add! A kitchen backsplash is most often made of tile, but other materials are available as well. 

#4. Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is crucial for many manufactured homeowners. They offer space to cook, to eat, an area to gather around with friends, and are an incredibly popular addition to modern mobile home kitchens because of their versatility. It’s incredibly easy to find an island that fits in your kitchen – and your budget!

#5: Kitchen Countertops

Your kitchen’s countertops should be durable enough for everything that you store and do on them. Just as important, however, is your countertop’s style. Thankfully, there are endless possibilities for the color, material, and overall feel of your countertops to give your kitchen that personal touch. 

#6: Appliance Garage

If you find yourself with appliances that take up too much space on your countertops, there’s a remedy. A built-in “appliance garage” can be handy for less-frequently used kitchen appliances, freeing up space in your mobile home’s kitchen. Your coffee maker will never have to knock elbows with your air fryer ever again. 

#7: Kitchen Flooring

Generally, you want to go with a hardwood-type flooring for your kitchen for easy stain cleanup. These days, modern hardwood flooring offers durability, yet comfort and style for your kitchen. Tile flooring is also an incredibly popular option for this same reason. Or, you can go with a vinyl flooring for a more budget-friendly option that still delivers on the quality.

#8: Kitchen Appliances

Upgrading your kitchen appliances is a strong way to remodel your kitchen. By going with a modern refrigerator or a new, state-of-the-art dishwasher, you can make your kitchen more efficient and more stylish! And, modern appliances mean more energy efficiency for your mobile home, as well as the assurance that they will last for years to come.

#9: Kitchen Lighting

Your kitchen should be well-lit when you’re cooking or dining. One way to do that is with recessed lighting in your kitchen. With recessed lighting, you can keep your kitchen lit while saving on overhead space, too! If recessed lights are not an option for your kitchen ceiling, many home improvement stores offer low-profile LED light fixtures that create the same effect.

#10: Kitchen Painting

A fresh coat of paint as part of your mobile home kitchen remodel can add a new splash of color to spice up your mobile home! Not only that, but you could consider painting your mobile home kitchen cabinets to go with the new shade on your wall.

Remodeling Your Mobile Home Living Room

#11: Living Room Furniture

Your mobile home living room furniture should be comfortable, yet not take up too much space. Remodeling your living room by upgrading your furniture is a popular option for many mobile homeowners looking to transform their living space. 

#12: Living Room Flooring

A living room floor can be made out of either hardwood or carpet. Consider which one is right for you and swap out the flooring to give your living room a new appearance from the moment you walk in! You could also make your living room flooring flush with an adjacent room to give it a seamless flow.

#13: Living Room Fireplace

A fireplace in your living room can bring added warmth and a nice gathering place for when you have company over. They can be either powered by either natural gas or electricity and offer a great way to heat your mobile home in the wintertime in addition to your mobile home’s furnace. Adding a fireplace to your living room will make any guest say, “Wow!” 

#14: Expand Your Living Room 

Have you thought about how to expand a mobile home with a site-built addition? If you have, then expanding your living room might be a good first step if you own your home on your own land. By remodeling your living room so you have more space, you can increase the value of your home and stretch out your legs – literally!

#15: Moulding and trim

Looking for a way to add some elegance to your mobile home living room? Adding some moulding and trim along the walls and ceiling can do just that. Moulding in your mobile home can be either nailed or glued into place, and can make any living room feel more regal!

#16: Living Room Lighting

There are so many ways to incorporate lighting into your living room. You may add a chandelier or other light fixture to light up the whole room. Or, accent lamps in the corners of your living room can provide you with more ways to light your living room exactly how you want at any given point.

#17: Living Room Windows

If your living room windows feel drafty or don’t let in enough light, you might want to swap them out. Modern windows for manufactured homes are highly rated for energy efficiency and can let in as much or as little light as you want.

#18: Living Room Paint

Paint your living room a neutral, yet inviting color and lighten the mood of any party or family movie night. Popular paint colors for the living room include softer colors such as greens and blues. You could even designate one wall as an accent wall and paint it a bolder color to draw attention to that portion of your living room.

#19: Living Room Media Accessories

Your living room can be a great place to enjoy your favorite movies, shows, and video games, so why not upgrade that experience? Go all out with surround-sound speakers and a mounted TV setup so that you can make the most out of your media in your mobile home’s living room. 

#20: Living Room Accent Flair

Want to hang up a statement piece that ties your living room together? A framed painting, large clock, or mantlepiece can do just that. Don’t be afraid to fit your walls with flair that shows off your inner interior decorator!

Remodeling Your Mobile Home Dining Area

#21: Dining Room Table

The table might be one of the most important parts of your dining room. So, why not upgrade it during your dining room remodel? A high-quality dining room table should be able to fit your guests comfortably while being made of top-of-the-line wood or other material.

#22: Dining Room Chairs

Of course, the chairs in your dining room should be comfortable as well. FInding dining room chairs or benches that are cushioned is a popular move for manufactured homeowners in 2022.

#23: Dining Room Lighting

The dining room is one of the most popular rooms in the home for a chandelier. It provides ample lighting for any meal and shows off the elegance of your dining room. Or, you can take a cue from your kitchen and go with recessed lighting for a simple, yet subdued look.

#24: Dining Room Flooring

Like your kitchen, your dining room should have more of a hardwood feel – otherwise, you might spill food or drink on your carpet! Upgrading to hardwood floors in your dining room makes it a breeze to move around to set the table for dinner.

#25: Dining Room Storage

If you’re looking for a simple, yet classy way to show off your fine china or simply store some decorations, the dining room is a great place to do so. A china cabinet or display case in your dining room is a great way to spark some dinner conversation.

#26: Dining Room Bar Area

Who’s to say you can’t mix your own drinks at the table? Adding a bar-style fixture to your dining room can make your home the go-to for any party, sports event, or other gathering. You could even consider shelves for some of your favorite drink hardware.

#27: Dining Room Windows/Curtains

You don’t want the glare of a sunset to be in your eyes during dinner. Remodeling your windows, including blackout curtains, can provide you with as much control over the lighting in your dining room as you need. 

#28: Dining Area Countertops

If you have a dining island in your kitchen, consider the countertops – are they comfortable to rest your hands and elbows on? Upgrading the countertops in your dining area can provide you with comfort while matching your kitchen countertops for a refined, thoughtful look. Your family and friends will think you took it right out of the HGTV playbook! 

#29: Dining Area Tiling

If your mobile home has a dining island, you may want to add a splash of tile to either match your backsplash or provide an extra pop of color. This is a great, yet easy remodel that upgrades where you and your family eat and snack.

#30: Dining Room Artwork

No dining room would be complete without some artwork on the walls to pull the room together. This is one of the easiest items on the list, but also the most effective. Your dining room will feel like a museum while you eat!

Remodeling Your Mobile Home Laundry Area

#31: Replace Laundry Appliances

Does it take a long time to wash or dry your clothes? These days, modern laundry appliances are energy-efficient and use less water than ever. If you’re remodeling your mobile home or are customizing a manufactured home in 2022, new laundry appliances are a must.

#32: Laundry Room Storage

More likely than not, you’ll need space for your laundry supplies, folded clothes, linens, and so on. Installing cabinets in your laundry space is a prime way to increase your storage and show off your organizational prowess. 

#33: Laundry Room Flooring

Like your kitchen, you want to have the highest-quality hard flooring possible for your laundry room. Taking time to upgrade it means you’ll have peace of mind for years to come.

#34: Laundry Room Wall

Just because your laundry room is just for laundry doesn’t mean you can’t paint your walls however you like! Consider a fun bright color for your laundry room to give it an extra pop. Be careful with wallpaper, however, as the heat and moisture may cause it to peel or bubble over time.

#35: Laundry Room Sink

If you have the space, adding a sink in your laundry room means you can more efficiently use it for washing old paint tools, your hands, or your child’s muddy shoes. 

#36: Laundry Room Clothing Racks

You’ll need to hang up clothes in your laundry area from time to time, so why not make sure your clothing racks are as high-quality as they can be? Installing rods or hooks in your laundry area is a great way to do this.

#37: Laundry Room Wall Flair

Whether it’s on-the-wall storage, hooks for your clothes, or simply an art piece or hanging clock, a laundry room can be a good place to hang up the things that matter to you when you’re doing laundry.

#38: Laundry Room Windows

Is there a window in your laundry area? If not, do you find yourself looking for more natural light? Remodeling your laundry area to add a window can bring in light and add some style and light into the mix.

#39: Laundry Room Countertops

Countertops in your laundry room can be crucial for storing baskets or cleaning supplies. Upgrading these can provide you with even more space to work with while washing and drying your clothes. 

#40: Laundry Room Folding Station

A folding station is a great way to speed up the time it takes to do your laundry while throwing some fun into the mix! Some can even fold into the wall, so that they take up less space in your laundry area.

Remodeling Your Mobile Home Bedroom

#41: Bedroom Bedding

When you remodel your mobile home bedroom, the bedding can be a vitally important aspect. You can match your bedding to your walls, or your furniture, or give it a different look entirely. 

#42: Bedroom Mattress

They say you spend 33% of your life asleep, so a quality mattress should deliver on a good night’s rest. By upgrading your mattress during a bedroom remodel, you’ll feel the difference each and every night. 

#43: Bedroom Flooring

Whether you prefer a plush, light carpet or modern hardwood floor, your bedroom flooring is important. After all, it’s the first thing you walk on in the morning and the last thing you walk on at night. It should be exactly as comfy and luxurious as you want it to be.

#44: Bedroom Lighting

When remodeling your mobile home bedroom, the lighting is another important feature. Remote-controlled lighting for your bedroom makes it convenient to turn them on or off from your bed at a moment’s notice.

#45: Bedroom Artwork

Your bedroom can serve as an artistic statement about yourself. As you remodel your mobile home bedroom, think about what you’ll hang on your wall that matches your style and aesthetic.

#46: Bedroom Painting

Like your bedroom’s artwork, painting your bedroom can be a statement about yourself and reflect your inner artist. A bedroom remodel is the perfect time to work in some of your most creative mobile home painting ideas.

#47: Bedroom Furniture

Think about the other furniture in your bedroom, too. Adding a bench near your bed, for instance, gives you a relaxing space to sit in your bedroom, while the right chest of drawers can add even more charm to your bedroom.

#48: Bedroom Expansion

If you want to expand your mobile home with a site-built addition, the bedroom is another great place to do so. You’ll have even more space for yourself while driving more value to your mobile home.

#49: Bedroom Accent Wall

When you paint your mobile home bedroom, an accent wall can provide some variety to your bedroom’s color. If your bedroom is blue, for example, make one wall a lighter or darker blue to literally accent the wall and make it stand out. 

#50: Bedroom Storage

If you need extra storage for your clothes or for extra bedding, a bedroom remodel is the perfect time to make that happen. Drawers that run extra deep and walk-in closets are two immensely popular features of a mobile home bedroom remodel.

Remodeling Your Mobile Home Bathrooms

#51: Heated Flooring

Heated flooring is an incredibly popular feature for manufactured homeowners looking to upgrade their bathrooms. Enjoy an electric heated floor for added comfort at all hours of the day.

#52: Bathroom Toilet

Believe it or not, there are countless ways to remodel your bathroom toilet for comfort and style. One popular feature is to add a toilet with a built-in bidet, which helps cut down on toilet paper waste while remaining incredibly water-efficient. You can also buy standalone bidets that take up very minimal space, and hook onto the underside of your toilet.

#53: Bathroom Sink

There are countless styles, shapes, and materials to choose from for your bathroom sink. Do you want a raised sink, or a sink embedded into your counter? Or, perhaps you want a pair of his-and-her sinks in your bathroom on an extra-wide counter. You quite literally can’t go wrong when picking out a new style for your bathroom sink.

#54: Bathtub

Your mobile home bathtub can be as luxurious as you want. Want a jacuzzi-style tub with jets? Or a wide tub perfect for relaxation after a long day of work? With mobile home bathtubs, you can do just that.

If you want to surround your bathtub with a pleasing aesthetic, you can buy bathtub and shower surrounds made of real stone or other materials. 

#55: Shower Faucet

Your mobile home shower faucet can also be luxurious. During a mobile home bathroom remodel, you can pick out a shower faucet with multiple settings for the exact type of shower you desire.

#56: Bathtub Faucet

A mobile home bathtub faucet is another thing to consider during a bathroom remodel. Bathtub faucets these days can sit flush with your shower head, providing a seamless style for your bathtub. Or, you can go for a Roman tub faucet if your tub allows for it.

#57: Install a Shower Kit

You can even buy mobile home shower kits that give you a bathtub faucet and shower faucet all in one. If you want them all to be made of the same material or color, this is a perfect, easy choice during your mobile home bathroom remodel.

#58: Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets are important for storing linens or cleaning supplies, depending on how much space you have. At minimum, a solid cabinet unit under your bathroom sink can tie into your bathroom’s style while holding all of your bathroom essentials.

#59: Bathroom Tile

Many mobile home owners opt for a tiled half-wall in their bathroom, or tiled floors. This is a great way to add some flair to your bathroom while maintaining a wall or floor that’s easy to clean of any moisture over time.

#60: Bathroom Ventilation

Your mobile home bathroom should have a fan to help ventilate steam during hot showers. When remodeling your bathroom, switching out the fan can help keep your mirrors from fogging up after a shower.

Remodeling Your Mobile Home’s Home Office or Den

#61: Green Screen for Zoom Calls

In your mobile home’s home office, the right amount of wall space can be ripe for a green screen for Zoom calls. These are easy to hang up and can be one of the most valuable additions during a home office remodel for those who work remotely. Or, you could paint your wall the same shade of green to achieve the same effect.

#62: Home Office Seating

Your home office should have a chair that’s comfortable for daily use. When remodeling your home office, consider upgrading your chair for a model that supports your back and legs throughout the day. If you have the space, you can even add a futon or extra chair for any home office meetings.

#63: Home Office Desk

Similar to your chair, your home office’s desk should have all the space you need for your remote work equipment. As you remodel, consider a desk that fits in the perfect nook or cranny for a flush, yet productive look! 

#64: Home Office Lighting

A home office that’s well lit is essential for remote work. The right exterior lighting will ensure you’re properly lit and can get your work done without squinting. For those who are especially serious about lighting, an exterior ring light for important Zoom calls can take you the extra mile.

#65: Media Room

Your den can be the perfect room for streaming movies or playing video games – so, why not remodel it with that in mind? Remodel your mobile home den with furniture around your TV, with shelves at the sides for your media. 

#66: Den Shelving

Speaking of shelves, the right shelving can hold all of your media, collectibles, and gadgets, not to mention your TV and speakers. You can even find media centers that span an entire wall that make your den the ultimate hangout in your mobile home. 

#67: Den Furniture

The furniture in your den should be comfortable and, if you desire, resistant to stains in case the kids spill juice during game night. Leather couches are a popular choice for mobile home dens. You can even find couches or end tables with built-in cup holders!

#68: Guest Bedroom In Your Den

Alternatively, you may choose to remodel your den as a guest bedroom. If you frequently find yourself with company over, this is a great option for your mobile home’s den. They can be simple while still having everything they need for guests staying the night.

#69: Sport Out

Your den can be a great place for a billiards or air hockey table. If you enjoy having friends over or your kids enjoy a fun competitive game, then these are perfect for your den. 

#70: Workout Corner

Any home office or den can benefit from a treadmill, stair machine, or other exercise equipment. You don’t have to go outside to stay in shape – you can get your workout in right by where you work or relax! You don’t need to spend a fortune, either. For some, an exercise ball or set of weights is more than enough.

Remodeling Your Mobile Home’s Entryway, Foyer, or Mudroom

#71: Replace Your Entry Door

This is the first stop for many homeowners remodeling their mobile home’s entryway. Replacing the front door – one that’s made out of a new material, color, or pattern – gives both the exterior and interior of your home a fresh new look.

#72: Entryway Lighting

Your entryway lighting serves multiple purposes to keep in mind when starting a mobile home remodel. For one, your entryway should be lit properly when you arrive home, especially at night. Not only that, but when you remodel your entryway, think about how often you’ll use your entryway lighting when you’re away from home, as many homeowners leave a light on when taking trips. 

#73: Entryway Flair

If you have guests over, wall art or decorations that give a sense of your home’s style should be one of the first things they see. It’s all about making a good first impression, and even something as small as a welcome mat or bells on your doorknob can achieve that.

#74: New Foyer Windows

Your mobile home’s foyer might have windows next to the entryway, or above it, that are perfect when remodeling your foyer. Patterned or stained glass windows are a great choice for many homeowners here!

#75: Foyer Flooring

Many homeowners opt for hard flooring in the entryway, for when the kids track mud from outdoors. This way, it’s easy to clean and durable, too. You can even cover your flooring with a rug for some added style and texture.

#76: Foyer Storage

Many foyers will have a closet for storing coats or shoes. If your foyer doesn’t already have one, a great way to expand your mobile home is by adding one! It makes a great, convenient place for storage and keeps the rest of your mobile home organized.

#77: Mudroom Wainscoting

The wainscoting for your mudroom should be able to withstand all kinds of stains and wear-and-tear. Whether it’s inside the cubbies or along the walls, the right wainscoting will provide some accented color, yet give you peace of mind thanks to its durability.

#78: Mudroom Cabinets

Cabinets in your mudroom are perfect for families with children, or even just having a place to hang up your keys and your coat. So, think about how many cabinets you want for your mudroom as you remodel. Being able to have one convenient place for your shoes, keys, coat, and everything else can be a lifesaver!

#79: Mudroom Walls

Your mudroom walls should be just as durable as your wainscoting, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with it! Many mobile homeowners paint their mudrooms a bright green, blue, or another fun color to unleash the inner child within them. Though, if you prefer a more muted color, that’s okay too! 

#80: Mudroom Wash Area for Pets 

Here’s a fun idea that’s gaining paw-pularity – a wash area for your pet! A mudroom is perfect for this since you can clean up your pup right as they come back inside from a walk or from the dog park. You can even have some storage here for towels and dog treats! 

Remodeling Your Mobile Home Exterior 

#81: Siding

Remodeling your mobile home exterior, the siding is a go-to feature for many mobile home owners. You have multiple styles and colors to choose from that fit all ranges of budgets. 

#82: Skirting

We’ve written before about your mobile home’s skirting. The skirting for your mobile home is an essential fixture that protects your foundation from damage and keeps critters out from under your home. When remodeling your mobile home skirting, keep in mind that you want to pick skirting that fits your mobile home’s style while offering you as much protection as possible.

#83: Roof

A mobile home roof remodel is one of the most extensive remodel projects you can undertake, but it’s also one of the most high-quality remodels you can pursue. A new mobile home roof will last you for years to come with several high-quality materials to choose from. 

#84: Walkway

Tripping over the walkway that leads to your front door? Repaving your walkway during a mobile home remodel means that you can walk to and from your home with ease. You can even get creative by placing decorations or miniature lamps along the way for some added personal touches! If you live in a community, make sure you check with your community management before remodeling your walkway.

#85: Porch

A mobile home porch should be carefully maintained and taken care of. If you’re remodeling the exterior of your mobile home, keep the steps in mind, too. You can even accessorize with the latest styles in handrails. 

#86: Furniture

If you enjoy relaxing out on your mobile home porch or patio, then you should have the right furniture for you and your family. Patio furniture, along with tables for your patio perfect for outdoor meals, are a great way to get some fresh air while spending quality time with those you love.

#87: Exterior Lighting

It can be a porch light, or lights along your walkway, or a light near your mailbox, but exterior lighting for your mobile home can be important for safety reasons. As you remodel the exterior of your mobile home, consider adding exterior lighting to show off your home at all hours of the day.

#88: Shed

For many mobile homeowners, having a shed is a must. A shed can hold all of your garden tools and lawn appliances, from a shovel to a lawn mower. Finding a shed is easy, in fact – there are multiple sizes and styles, meaning that you’re bound to find one that fits everything you need, and then some. 

#89: Fence

A fence around your mobile home offers many benefits. The biggest one, however, is privacy – many homeowners enjoy having added security and peace of mind around their mobile home. Check with your community management if you live in a community before starting your fencing project.

#90: Windows

Your windows look just as important from the outside as they do on the inside. Adding shutters to the exterior of your windows, or replacing your windows altogether, means that you can benefit from extra protection and extra style to the outside of your mobile home! 

Remodeling Your Mobile Home Landscaping

#91: Plant bushes 

If you have a green thumb, you might consider planting bushes around your mobile home if you have the space. They’re a great way to add some “green” to your home that bloom in the spring and summer time. While they take some effort to maintain and trim, it’s well worth it for your mobile home’s landscaping.

#92: Plant flowers

If bushes aren’t your thing, planting flowers is a simple, yet effective way to add some color to the outside of your mobile home. You can visit a local nursery to find flower planters for types of flowers that are blooming in your area. Planting them along a walkway or the front of your house are popular options for many mobile homeowners! 

#93: Plant a garden

What if you want to plant something other than flowers? In many areas, you can grow your own fruits and vegetables in your own yard! Popular choices for food to grow include tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. You can find online tutorials for growing vegetables and herbs in your area. 

#94: Birdhouse

Do you want to get in touch with nature? Setting up a birdhouse can be a great outdoor project while providing a home for local birds that might otherwise nest in unwanted places. You can even get a birdbath to go with the birdhouse. 

#95: New sod

If your grass is looking patchy after the winter months, remodeling your landscaping with some new sod is a great way to breathe new life into your lawn if you own your mobile home on land. It’s one of the more extensive landscaping projects you can take on for your mobile home, but it will make your lawn look like the newest one on the block. 

#96: Sandpit

Many mobile homes incorporate a sandpit outside of their home. Some may have one around a firepit, and others may have a pit for children to play in with sandbox toys. When remodeling your mobile home’s landscaping, consider adding a sandpit for a tropical feel. 

#97: Firepit

Firepits are a popular addition for many manufactured homes, especially in warmer climates where outdoor gatherings are abundant. A cozy walkway leading to lawn chairs around a firepit can make any summer evening that much more relaxing. 

#98: Outdoor gathering area

If a firepit isn’t your thing, you can invest in a canopy or other shaded structure for those nights out on the patio. They’re especially great with tiki torches or fairy lights, making any party a fantastic one with a central place to gather around.

#99: Gravel and Rocks

If you’re up for some added texture with your mobile home’s landscaping, adding gravel and rocks to your yard is a popular option. Whether they’re in front of your mobile home or behind them, it’s a great way to add some lighter color while keeping a warm aesthetic. This is a very popular feature for homes in warmer parts of the U.S., too.

#100: Vertical planters

If you want to keep a garden but don’t want to get your hands dirty, then a vertical planter might be the way to go. These are especially effective for vine plants such as tomatoes! They can hang right on your front doorstep and show off your gardener’s touch to the entire neighborhood.