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Selling A Home

As mobile and manufactured home sales experts, our professional team are armed with the skills and knowledge needed to make the process easier and achieve results

Selling Your Home is NOT as Easy as You May Think

Did you know?

  • The average “For Sale By Owner” that does sell, yields 12% less than a home listed with a professional.
  • Only 6% of FSBOs sell and 4% take the home off the market.
  • 90% of all FSBO properties end up listing their home with a Dealer, often after the market has already fallen further.
  • Listing with a professional can save you time, relieve the headaches – and could make you more money!

White Knight does more advertising/marketing than any other Dealer – This means that your home will get the most exposure available – and the best possible opportunity for a qualified buyer to find your home.

White Knight makes sure in advance that prospective buyers are financially able to purchase your home.

We offer competitive commission fees which are added to the top of your asking price – So there’s no risk to you and everything to gain by letting the pros do the work for you.

Comparative market analysis. Your salesperson can help inform you of the current state of the mobile/manufactured home market in your area by comparing homes that have sold recently. This helps you determine the best asking price.

Our sales team are always willing to take the time to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have.

Be assured that your salesperson puts in many hard-working hours behind the scenes to sell your home!

Our professional consultants are experts and will coach you on the best way to prepare your home for sale.

You will never be lost in the shuffle – Even though White Knight is the industry leader with the largest inventory of homes for sale in Northern Nevada, our team is committed to our policy of calling to update each of our customers on a bi-weekly basis, and immediately if there’s news for you.

In addition to working with your sales consultant, you’ll have Northern Nevada’s largest professional sales team of experts – all of them, dedicated to selling your home too!

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