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5 Reasons Why Mobile Homes are a Smart Investment 

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If you’re considering purchasing a mobile home, you probably want to be sure that it is a smart investment option before making any big moves.

Many people are finding that they cannot afford homes as the housing market continues to rise but the average salary stays the same. It can be difficult to decide what to do when you are tired of renting or living in an apartment. Does this sound like a situation you’ve found yourself in? 

If soyou should consider mobile homes!

Today we want to share with you five reasons why mobile homes are a smart investment. Let’s start now! 

1. Mobile Homes are Affordable

The low cost of manufactured homes in comparison to site-built homes is one of the primary reasons why more and more people are interested in purchasing them. They are also more energy efficient, so you should notice a reduction in the cost of your utility bills.

You should also consider that buying a mobile home gives you more bang for your buck. A three- or four-bedroom manufactured home is easy to find, whereas apartments of this size are pretty rare and expensive! Manufactured homes can be quite spacious, making them ideal for families or multi-generational households. 

You don’t have to sacrifice space just because you’re on a tight budget! 

2. Shorter Timeline for Construction & Installation

Site-built homes can take months or even years to build, depending on building codes, size, and the features desired by the owners. 

Manufactured homes can be built in a matter of days, though some may take a few weeks. This is because they are built in climate-controlled facilities, so inclement weather and other conditions do not slow down the manufacturing process of the home being built! When you buy a mobile home, you can have a pretty good idea of when it will be finished and when you will be able to move in! 

3.  Mobile Homes Have Customization Options

Many people stay away from manufactured homes because they are under the impression that they are just cookie-cutter boxes. Little do they know, manufactured homes can be customized just like any other home. There are a vast number of floor plans available from different manufacturers, as well as interior and exterior colors and finishes to choose from. 

You can also have a porch or deck added to your mobile home once it has been installed. That way, your home feels complete when you move in, and you can relax and enjoy it!

4.  Energy Efficiency Decreases Your Power Bills

Manufactured homes are significantly more energy efficient than traditional site-built homes. Many people prefer to move from traditional homes to manufactured homes to gear towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

It’s also a good way to save money on your energy bills. Utility bills can be outrageous, adding to your living expenses in ways you cannot afford. With a manufactured home, you can be certain that your electric and water bills will always be affordable.

With manufactured homes today, you get to enjoy Energy Star appliances, energy-efficient windows, fixtures, heating, and cooling.

5.  There are Many Financing Options Available

When it comes to financing a mobile home, there are a handful of options available to you. From Chattel, to FHA, VA, conventional, and land in lieu, there is a loan for everyone. 

There is always the option to pay cash for your mobile home. Paying cash for a mobile home eliminates the need to pay loan interest. If you pay cash for a mobile home, the process will be faster, and the lender will not charge mortgage or appraisal fees to assess the purchaser. 

So, Are Mobile Homes a Smart Investment?

If traditional homes are financially out of reach for your family at the moment, purchasing a manufactured home can be a great housing solution. Your manufactured home can increase in value and help you build wealth over time if you make the right decisions. (This could mean putting the house on privately owned land with a permanent foundation.)

Manufactured homes are an excellent investment for those seeking a clear path to homeownership or a home to retire in. They are cost-effective and provide all of the same amenities as traditional homes, so you can enjoy homeownership without sacrificing the benefits! 

If you find mobile homes a desirable option for you, reach out to our team at Braustin Homes today! We want to empower you in your home-buying journey with all of the information you need, including upfront pricing and transparent communication. We look forward to hearing from you!