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6 Mobile Home Security Systems for Every Budget


A security system is something that every homeowner hopes they’ll never need, but many want to have—just in case. Manufactured homes need security systems just as much as site-built homes do, and there are a variety of options available for outfitting your manufactured home with high-performance security.

These six mobile home security systems will help to keep your manufactured home safe and sound. Many include cutting-edge features such as smart home integration and mobile device apps, and each offers unique features and advantages that homeowners will appreciate.

Mobile Home Security Systems $100 and Under

1. Globe Electric Wi-Fi Smart Indoor Security Camera ($50.73)

Indoor security cameras are a key part of many homeowners’ security systems. These cameras continuously monitor a home for signs of trouble, and many of today’s models include the ability to monitor a home remotely using a mobile app.

Globe Electric’s smart security cameras are among the best bargains in manufactured home security. These indoor security cameras include many of the key features of more expensive security cameras, including Wi-Fi integration, an included app and compatibility with smart home assistants such as Google Home and Alexa.

Globe security camera

2. Heath Zenith LED Outdoor Floodlight – Motion Sensor Activated ($54.37)

Security lights are among the most cost-effective security upgrades that a manufactured home owner can make. A simple motion sensor-activated light creates bright exterior light when activated, giving you an advantage in deterring potential intruders. Strategically placing two or three security lights can give a homeowner near-complete coverage of their home.

At just over $50 apiece, the Heath Zenith can be the perfect bargain for homeowners who need a cost-effective security solution. These rugged motion-activated polycarbonate lights can be mounted on walls or eaves and feature a 180-degree adjustable range.

Security System

Mobile Home Security Systems $100-$250

1. Kwikset SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt with Z-Wave Technology ($128.26)

The lock on your door is among the first lines of defense, and keyless code locks have many advantages—you’ll never lose your house key again, re-keying is a snap and sharing the code with friends or family is simple. Kwikset is known as a manufacturer of durable locks and security hardware, and its new line of SmartCode Electronic Deadbolts is setting a new standard for manufactured home door locks.

The SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt features Z-Wave technology, a cutting-edge wireless tech integration system that allows remote access and control through a compatible automation system. It can be installed in minutes without any complex wiring, fits standard doors with no need to re-drill screw holes and features a tough motorized deadbolt for trustworthy security.

2. Honeywell Home 1080p C2 Indoor Wi-Fi Security Camera ($158.85)

This high-tech security camera comes equipped with an ultra-HD lens that captures everything in 1080p quality. With its night vision-enabled design, the Honeywell C2 stays on alert with clear images at any time of day or night, and all video recorded can be stored in the cloud or on a MicroSD card. And it’s not limited to video, either. Homeowners can either listen or speak through the C2’s two-way audio.

The Honeywell C2 allows sophisticated mobile control of its systems through both Android and iOS and lets users create mobile alerts and monitor their home while they’re away. Users can also easily control settings to adjust alert zones and hone in on what matters.

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Mobile Home Security Systems $250 and Up

1. Nest Secure Alarm System Starter Pack ($399.00)

This Nest security starter pack gives homeowners everything they need to get a Nest alarm system set up. You’ll find two Nest motion sensors and a Nest alarm system in this package, plus two Nest Tags, which allow residents to arm and disarm their Nest security system with a simple tap of a tag on a sensor.

The Nest system is packed with features, including sensors that detect open doors and windows, a Quiet Open mode for leaving early in the morning and the ability to light outdoor paths at night by using your motion sensors. A Dog Pass feature even lets small dogs pass without activating the alarm.

Nest Security System

2. Nest Cam IQ Outdoor Security Camera ($349.00)

There’s no denying that Nest currently rules the roost when it comes to home security systems, and Nest owners who want to improve their outdoor security will find the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor Security Camera to be a great buy. This camera stays live 24/7 and records in 1080p, with an IP66 waterproof rating to protect against wet weather and the ability to recognize individual people and notify you who’s at the door.