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7 Must-Do Spring Cleaning Projects For Your Mobile Home 


The weather is starting to warm up across the United States. With spring officially beginning this week, you might be wondering how to get to work on spring cleaning in your mobile home. 

While there are a lot of different ways you can get started, here are just a few must-do spring cleaning projects for your mobile home: 

Organize, Organize, Organize

After a busy holiday season, you may have put off re-organizing your home’s common areas. You might still have boxes of things that need to be packed up, things not in their right place, or overall a less organized home than you’re used to. 

The first step in a successful spring cleaning season can be a simple organization sprint. With some storage totes of different sizes, you can declutter every room in your mobile home and get things put away to get the rest of your cleaning done. This is also a great time to put your winter jackets and boots away, if you’re confident you won’t be getting any more snow for a while. 

Consider a Fresh Coat of Paint

If you have the time for it, painting a room or two of your house in preparation for the spring months can give your home a whole new feel. 

Finding a warm, yet inviting color to paint your living room or bedroom can have a surprising effect on your mental health and outlook for spring. Popular colors for this time of year include light, subtle blues and greens – colors that evoke warmer weather and blooming plants.

Wash Your Doors, Windows, and Baseboards

It can be easy to neglect these when doing your routine cleaning throughout the year. But, taking time to ensure your entryways and baseboards are spick and span can go a long way. 

When cleaning your doors, wipe them down with hot, soapy water – but not too much! This will get rid of a lot of germs that have built up over time. Make sure you wipe down the doorknobs, too! 

Your windows might take a little bit more work. In addition to cleaning the glass of the windows themselves, you’ll also want to clean out the window tracks, as well as wipe down any handles and locks. If your windows have mesh screen protectors, make sure those are in good working condition too. Patch up any tears or rips, and clear them of any dust or debris that might have collected. 

The baseboards are the most overlooked out of these three items. But, cleaning these can be super important for not only keeping away dust and germs, but other types of allergens too. Similar to your doors, wash these down with warm soapy water to keep them looking clean.

Dust Those Nooks and Crannies

Over the winter months, you may have seen dust collect in those hard-to-reach places throughout your home. The spring cleaning season is a great time to have an afternoon dedicated to taking out your dusting tools and ridding your mobile home of all the dust bunnies that moved in over the winter months. 

Here are just a few areas to keep in mind when dusting including: 

  • Lampshades
  • Baseboards (particularly on the edges and in corners) 
  • Tops and sides of doors and doorframes
  • Picture frames
  • Underneath and on top of cabinets
  • Ceiling fans
  • Window blinds
  • Refrigerator coils 
  • Behind your toilet and sink 

Clean Your Air Ducts

While we’re on the subject of dust, it’s highly recommended that you have your air ducts professionally cleaned every year or two. 

Loose dust can collect deep inside your vents over time, which increases the chance that you’ll have allergens spreading throughout your house. 

To avoid potential health problems, having your air ducts cleaned is a common step to take. The spring cleaning season is an especially good time of year to have this done. This is because, as pollen and other allergens become more common during the spring months, it’s easier for allergens to enter your mobile home. So, having your ducts cleaned before allergy season kicks in can be a good idea.  

Many HVAC professionals offer duct cleaning services, and there are even some companies that specifically specialize in duct cleaning and maintenance. 

Clean Your Kitchen From Top to Bottom

Your mobile home kitchen is especially important to keep in mind when spring cleaning. This is because a number of germs and bacteria can collect in here while cooking or baking. 

Wipe down all cooking and food preparation surfaces – your countertops, stove, oven, and any other surface that regularly comes in contact with food with a good antibacterial cleaning solutiony. Make sure you thoroughly wipe down all handles too – from your microwave to your cabinets. 

Speaking of cabinets, it might be a good idea to clean out and re-organize them. You might end up throwing away a lot of food that has expired, creating extra storage space in your kitchen. 

Sweeping and mopping floors, under cabinets, and behind your appliances is also incredibly important for clearing out loose dust and food particles. 

Rev Up Your Laundry Machines

Across all of these steps, you’re probably throwing a number of clothing or linen items in your dirty laundry hamper. That t-shirt you misplaced at Christmas, those dirty kitchen towels, or your bedsheets for example. 

While you’re spring cleaning your mobile home, run your laundry machines to give your often-used fabrics a fresh wash. This will make your kitchen and bathroom towels feel just like new again at the same time you can crawl into bed tonight with freshly washed bed sheets. This will also help keep them clean and sanitized – not to mention smelling like springtime! 

Keep in mind that not all seven of these mobile home spring cleaning projects need to be done at once. If you’ve kept up on the dusting throughout the year, for instance, you might not need to spend as much time on it during your spring cleaning.