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8 Mobile Home Cooling Tips


Energy costs can be a significant financial burden for any homeowner. High cooling bills in the summer can be especially onerous when you’re just trying to beat the heat—particularly if you have a manufactured home in Arizona, manufactured home in Florida or a manufactured home in any other state with sweltering summers.

On top of that, a home that’s too hot inside is uncomfortable and can even be potentially dangerous. So, if high energy bills have you sweating, consider these eight mobile home cooling tips for saving yourself money and creating a more comfortable living space.

1. Purchase an ENERGY STAR® Certified manufactured home.

Manufactured home buyers concerned about high heating and cooling costs should strongly consider buying an ENERGY STAR® Certified manufactured home. ENERGY STAR® Certified homes are designed from the ground up for energy-efficient performance, and many homebuyers can reap considerable savings on their energy bills by purchasing one of these homes. Many popular manufactured home builders, such as Clayton Homes, now offer ENERGY STAR® Certified manufactured homes.

2. Upgrade your manufactured home’s insulation.


Manufactured home insulation isn’t just for keeping your home warm in the winter. It’s also critical for keeping your home cool in the summer since it prevents the heat outside from warming up the air in your home. 

Thus, upgrading the insulation in your manufactured home (particularly in the belly and the walls) will often help you save on your cooling bills when the weather is hot. Note that it’s typically best to have new manufactured home insulation installed by a professional to ensure that it’s installed correctly.

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3. Add shades, drapes, sunscreens or tinted film to your windows.

Adding shades, drapes or other window coverings to your windows is a simple and economical way to keep your home cool in the summer. These coverings help keep the interior of your home cooler by blocking out sunlight. Each is available in a wide variety of styles and colors to match the decor of your manufactured home.

4. Use a split AC system to cool your home more economically.

Ductless split AC systems are a popular option for mobile home cooling. These quiet and energy-efficient AC units can be placed throughout your home for efficient cooling without the installation of ductwork, and they offer many advantages to the homeowner.

Split AC systems make it possible to separate your home into cooling zones with different temperatures, and they often consume less energy than central AC units. In addition, split AC systems are less expensive than some other types of AC systems and can typically be installed very quickly by a professional.

5. Use fans inside your home to keep air circulating.

ceiling fan

Ceiling fans, box fans, and oscillating fans can all help regulate your home’s temperature. By circulating air more efficiently throughout your home, fans help keep the temperature consistent and can help out your AC system by lowering the temperature inside your home.

Fans also help prevent rooms from feeling stuffy or stifling during hot weather. If your home’s air circulation could use some improvement, try adding one or more fans for an inexpensive fix.

6. Run a dehumidifier inside your home.

High humidity levels can make the inside of your home feel hot and unpleasant, particularly if you live in a humid climate such as Florida or South Carolina. A dehumidifier inside your manufactured home will help remove excess humidity from the air, reduce how hard your AC unit has to work and make your home a more comfortable place to live. (Make sure you consider how you will discard the water that the dehumidifier removes from the air – you can opt for a manual method, purchase a model with an internal pump or install a drain.)

7. Add awnings to your home.

Installing a few awnings over your windows and doors provides shade that keeps your home cooler. By blocking the sunlight from hitting your home, awnings help maintain a cooler temperature. Manufactured home awnings are relatively inexpensive, and most come with detailed instructions for DIY installation (although many homeowners prefer to let a professional handle the installation).

A mobile home for sale in Tucson, Arizona
A 1988 Cavco mobile home in Tucson, Ariz.

8. Make sure your air conditioning system is clean and change the filter.

A clogged, dirty filter will make an AC system less efficient and prevent your home from getting the full blast of cooling power it needs. Check your filter, and if it’s clogged, purchase and install a replacement filter from your AC system’s manufacturer. During spring or early summer, it’s a good idea to have your AC system serviced by a professional to ensure that it’s working at full capacity and that it isn’t fouled with mold or dirt.

Manufactured home cooling is easier and less expensive when you know the key mobile home cooling tips and tricks. For more expert answers to your mobile home HVAC questions, check out our article about energy-efficient mobile homes.