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Can You Install Hardwood Floors in a Mobile Home?


Mobile homes have all different types of floors in them. This is something that mobile homes have in common with site-built homes. 

From carpeting, to hardwood, to vinyl planking, you’d be hard pressed to find a type of floor that doesn’t exist in a manufactured home. 

One question that a lot of homeowners have is whether or not hardwood floors can be installed in a mobile home. For example, can you replace a carpeted floor with a hardwood one? 

The answer is a bit more nuanced than you might think. Keep reading to learn more. 

Can You Install Hardwood Floors In Your Mobile Home? 

Yes! In many cases, it’s entirely possible to install hardwood floors in your mobile home. Whether you’re replacing existing flooring or having hardwood floors installed in your new or customized mobile home, hardwood floors are more than just a viable option; they’re an ideal one for many. 

How to Install Hardwood Floors

There are actually a few different ways to install a hardwood floor. Here are the most common methods that homeowners use: 

  • Nail-Down Installation: this is a time-tested installation method, because it’s the most secure. The name is pretty self-explanatory – hardwood boards are placed down, and then nailed into the floor. 
  • Click-Lock Installation: this method has become more popular in recent years. Hardwood panels “click” together into place like puzzle pieces, which make this a popular form of modular flooring.
  • Glue-Down Installation: using this method, the boards of hardwood flooring are clicked together and kept in place with glue. 

No matter which method you choose, you’ll want to do your research to ensure that you’re going about your hardwood floor installation the right way. Installation methods may be slightly different depending on which type of hardwood you buy, as well as who you buy it from. 

Hardwood floors should also have enough “flex” in them to move with changes in humidity that occurs as the seasons change. Otherwise, an improper installation may mean that your floors will become damaged over time.

Floors in Mobile Homes – What Are They Made Of? 

We hinted at it earlier, but there are multiple types of materials that a mobile home floor can be made from. Here are four of the most common:  


This is among the most common types of flooring in any home, including factory-built homes. Carpeting is an accessible, family-friendly flooring that has a lot of benefits. These include heat retention, comfort, and protection in case your young ones take a fall. 

Of course, it’s worth considering the fact that carpeting is prone to stains from spills, and can be tougher to clean and maintain over time compared to other types of flooring.  


Tile floors are very common in kitchens and bathrooms. This hard surface makes for easy sweeping and mopping, and can add a classic flair to your mobile home. It’s not always suitable, however, for living rooms or bedrooms. 


Vinyl flooring has become popular in recent years. They are an affordable, yet stylish option for many rooms in any home, and can simulate multiple types of flooring on a budget. 


This is, of course, the focus of our blog today. Hardwood flooring in mobile homes are some of the most popular floors you can find. 

They’re an incredibly upscale option that adds a ton of personality to any room in your mobile home. 

Speaking of which, they’re versatile, too. Hardwood floors can be used in just about any room in your house, from the kitchen to the living room to the bedroom. 

Alternatives to Hardwood Floors

If you’re going for a hardwood look but are working with a strict budget, there are a few alternatives you can consider. 

Vinyl flooring is one way to have that hardwood aesthetic. Installing it is about as easy, and many homes come with vinyl flooring pre-installed. 

If you’re looking for a more sustainable option, bamboo flooring is another option that’s becoming increasingly popular. You can achieve the hardwood look on a budget that’s far more environmentally friendly. This is because bamboo grows back much faster than it takes for a tree to be replanted and fully grown for hardwood flooring. 

Cork flooring is another environmentally friendly alternative. And, cork flooring has some soundproofing qualities too, although you might not want to install cork floors in high-traffic areas like your living room. 

Many flooring outlets can help you find the right style of flooring for your home, too. For example, some kitchen layouts may benefit more from hardwood flooring over vinyl. 

Mobile Home Parts and Supplies 

Hopefully this blog post has answered some of your questions about installing hardwood floors in a mobile home. 

If you’re looking for more ways to enhance your mobile home lifestyle, check out our Mobile Home Parts and Supplies guide. Here, you’ll find just about anything you might need for a mobile home remodel project.