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Cheap Mobile Homes for Sale: Finding Value For Your Home Purchase

MH Villager

When you’re considering buying any type of home – but especially manufactured homes – you’re probably wondering how to get the best value out of your big investment. 

And no, we’re not just talking about finding the best price. You might have so many other questions that’ll impact the value of your mobile home purchase. 

In this blog post, we’ll go over the criteria that can make a good home purchase a great one in terms of value when searching for cheap mobile homes for sale. 

Location, Location, Location 

It’s practically a cliché in the world of real estate, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. A big part of a manufactured home’s value is where it’s located. 

Are you near a highly-rated school district that’s perfect for your children? Are you close to the nearest highways, or your nearby downtown district? What about living in a mobile home park that has lots to offer? 

All of these factors can affect the value of a mobile home to you. If two mobile homes are similar in quality, but one is closer to a school for your child, that home is inherently going to be more valuable. 

That’s a big theme that we’re going to talk about a lot in this blog: the idea of the value of a home being specific to you. Not everyone will care about having a home just a few minutes from the highway for easier commutes to work, but those who do care about that will see value in finding a cheap mobile home near them that offers just that.  

Recent Remodeling and Maintenance 

This is another big factor that can greatly affect your value in a mobile home. 

Many homebuyers seek out peace of mind when buying a mobile home that’s had many major repairs done to it. For example, if the mobile home roof was recently redone, homebuyers will have peace of mind knowing that they won’t have to make repairs for many years to come. 

This goes for inside the home, too. If the kitchen or bathroom have recently been remodeled, that’s another selling point for many potential homebuyers. This also goes for the A/C unit and other “big ticket” items that can be quite costly to repair on their own. And, if an item still needs to be repaired, someone looking for a fixer-upper may value that so they can build even more equity over time, or sell the home for a profit.

Of course, not everyone needs the latest in bathroom or kitchen technology, but if you’re looking for a home with the latest trendy kitchen remodel, then this will deliver extra value to your mobile home purchase.   

Kitchen Space

Not everyone can be Gordon Ramsay. But, for aspiring chefs and frequent cookers of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, kitchen space can be incredibly important. 

There are a lot of things that can make any kitchen perfect for any one person, including: 

  • Available cabinet space
  • Condition and age of appliances (refrigerator, stove, oven, dishwasher, etc.)
  • Flooring
  • Kitchen sink and garbage disposal
  • Countertop surface space
  • Kitchen island 
  • And more!

Maybe you’re someone who absolutely wants an eat-in kitchen to minimize travel space between your cooking area and where you’ll be serving family dinner. Or, maybe your kitchen HAS to have an island for serving appetizers and entertaining guests. No matter your dream kitchen, finding one that fits your style is super important when finding a mobile home that’s valuable to you. 

Community Amenities

If you’re looking for manufactured homes in a manufactured home community, their amenities might interest you, too. 

This can add even more value to any mobile home that you’re thinking about buying. At the MHVillager, we’ve gone in-depth before about the top community amenities that residents absolutely love

Here, we’ll go over just a few: 

  • Clubhouses and Lounges: many communities offer a common gathering space for residents to host or take part in events. This is a great value add for community homeowners who also happen to be social butterflies.
  • Swimming pools: this one’s especially valuable to those who live in states with year-round warm weather. Being able to take a dip in the pool – or even a whirlpool in some communities – is a great way to beat the heat and makes any home feel that much more luxurious.
  • Dog walking trails: If you’re a pet-owner living in a pet-friendly community, this one can be a must. Having a dedicated space to walk your dog around the community is extremely valuable for many. 

Like we mentioned earlier, there are so many other great amenities that can boost the personal value of any mobile home for any homeowner. It’s all about what you’re looking for out of your community experience! 

If you’re wondering, “how can I find cheap mobile homes near me?” and want to find one that offers the most value, why not head to MHVillage? With the nation’s largest platform for buying and renting mobile homes, you can filter your search for any criteria you want, whether it’s a home in a community with your favorite amenities or homes with a certain number of bedrooms.