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Easy Holiday Home Improvement Projects

By homewarranty.com

Who doesn’t love to decorate their home for the holidays? It’s also the time we begin to notice small home improvement projects we wish we would have tackled last summer, especially if we expect holiday visitors.  No worries! It’s not too late to tackle one or two of these Easy Holiday Home Improvement Projects. Grab our list, and depending upon your budget and time, we’re certain you can make holiday upgrades your guests are going to notice and love!

Update Your Kitchen Backsplash

Get your kitchen noticed again with a new backsplash. A new backsplash can make a big impact in an outdated kitchen, and give your kitchen a fresh design boost. Make your backsplash your kitchen’s focal point but in an Elegant And Understated Way. According to Moss Building & Design Expert, Lisa Ladson, “letting your backsplash take a backseat and play more of a supporting role is the trend right now,” she says.

Replace Your Front Door…

This project can run you anywhere from a couple of hundred bucks to thousands of dollars, depending on what Style Door you choose. Your front door makes a big impact on your home’s curb appeal. A new door is a great way to update and modernize the look of your home’s entryway. It can also cut down on your energy costs, and improve the security of your home – especially if you’re replacing an older door. Consider hiring a professional, but replacing your front door isn’t as difficult as you might think. Feeling handy? The Spruce has great step-by-step instructions on How To Replace A Front Door.

…or Just Give it a New Coat of Paint

If replacing your front door is too large a task to tackle this month, consider making a bold statement for a little money with a beautiful new color for your front door.  What Color Should You Paint Your Front Door?

Upgrade Your Lighting

Recessed downlights are a great solution to an overly dark interior. By installing light fixtures into hollow openings in your ceiling, you can revamp a dim contemporary interior and make it look ten times brighter. Keep in mind, it’s used for accent lighting and isn’t usually the main source of light in a room. Check out these Recessed Lighting Ideas from Houzz. Install dimmers to take your recessed lighting one step further. They’re an easy way to control the amount of light in each room and allow you to set the mood. Plus, they save energy and help your light bulbs last longer. Get more ideas on our article
Lighting Upgrades For Your Home.

Update Your Fireplace

Nothing goes together like the holidays and a great hearth. Maybe it’s time to turn up the design heat on your fireplace’s façade. Thinking big? Create a stone façade that reaches to the ceiling. Not that kind of time or money? Refinish your wood fireplace or give it an updated paint job. Also, change out any hardware that may decorate your wooden fireplace. If your façade is brick, consider a fresh coat of paint on the bricks if they’re outdated or an eyesore.

Change Your Cabinet Hardware

Talk about taking something for granted. We use them every day for years, and at the same time, barely notice them. We’re talking about the hardware on our kitchen cabinetry. If the knobs and pulls on your cabinets and doors are broken, tired, or just look outdated, change them out on the cheap. This is a Small Kitchen Upgrade With A Big Impact – and only a little impact on your budget.

December is a busy month, and we all have lots to do. We hope our ideas for some Easy Holiday Home Improvement Projects will inspire you to make one or two impactful updates to your home. When the holidays arrive, you can relax and enjoy the people around you…and your upgrades.