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Four Manufactured Home Repair Ideas For Your Tax Refund

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This time of year, millions of Americans are receiving their tax refunds. Many are wondering what to do with the extra income. One popular option is using the income towards larger home repairs.

A tax refund may not cover these repairs completely. However, they can help reduce the cost significantly. Here are a few “big ticket” manufactured home repair ideas for your tax refund:

Roof Repair

There are many ways to repair a leaky or damaged manufactured home roof. This depends on what material your roof is made out of, with metal roofs and TPO roofs being popular options.

The cost of a roof repair will depend on the material, too. If you’re performing a rubber roof over, you can pay as little as $600. Other types of roofing, such as metal roofs and shingle roofs, may run at a higher cost. However, your yearly tax refund may knock down the price tag.

Exterior Painting

Springtime can be a great time of year to paint the exterior of your manufactured home. This is also an easy home project to perform on your own.

Our first tip when painting the exterior of your home is to make sure you buy the right kind of paint. There are different kinds of paint for indoor and outdoor use, and you want paint that’s rated for the outdoors.

Decorating and DIY hobby tools and color swatches with copy space on top, top view

Make sure that your mobile home’s siding is able to be painted. Vinyl siding is rather paint-friendly, and is also one of the most common types of siding on a manufactured home.

You’ll also want to make sure you have the right equipment. While you can paint with rollers, you may consider using a paint sprayer. Also, you’ll want to ensure you do the proper prep work beforehand. While the prep work may be different from home to home, you’ll generally want to power wash the siding to remove any debris, as well as fill any holes and make repairs to your siding before you paint.

Painting the exterior of your home can be a cost-effective major project. With just a few hundred dollars, you can paint your home with the right know-how and equipment.

Oh, and make sure that you have the right permits to paint your home, if necessary. Many communities may have rules or policies about painting your home.

Siding & Skirting

Your mobile home’s siding and skirting are important to protect the exterior of your home. 

The siding gives your home a sense of style while also helping to protect your home from wind damage. If your mobile home’s siding was dented over the winter or is in need of a facelift, your tax refund may be useful towards getting it repaired. 

While it’s possible to DIY a siding repair, it’s usually best to contact a professional. This way, you can ensure that a siding repair or replacement is done the right way. A professional will typically work with you to ensure that your mobile home’s siding is the right color and style that you want. 

The cost for a mobile home siding project may vary. However, expect to pay $3.50 – $7.50 per square foot of materials, along with the labor costs if you hire a professional.

When it comes to the mobile home skirting, it’s important that it’s in good condition so that your home maintains a seamless look. Skirting is also important for keeping animals out of your home’s foundation, as well as for temperature control. 

Vinyl skirting is a cost-effective option for many mobile home owners if you’re in need of repairs this season. It’s a doable repair for the do-it-yourself crowd, and may only run you a few hundred dollars if you find a budget-friendly option near you. 

Carport Installation

A carport is one of the most popular features of a manufactured home. It gives homeowners a covered spot for their car without taking up as much space as a garage. 

This means that your car is protected against the elements – especially harsh sunlight and snow. 

If you don’t already have a carport attached to your manufactured home, a tax refund may provide an opportunity to invest in one. Carports will typically start at a few thousand dollars, which can come down significantly with a tax refund. 

Like with painting the exterior of your mobile home, you’ll want to check your community’s guidelines if applicable to ensure you can install a carport. 

These tips aren’t the only ways to add value to your mobile home or get repairs done. You can visit the MHVillager for more tips on how to add value to your mobile home.