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Home Staging Secrets to Help Your Home Sell Faster


If you’re getting ready to sell your mobile home, you might already be thinking about how to best show off your home to potential buyers. 

Whether it’s staging your home for photos for your mobile home listing, or staging it for in-person tours, you want your home to shine as brightly as possible to attract potential buyers. So, here are some tips for how to do just that. 

What is “Staging Your Home?” 

In real estate terms, “staging” is a term often used to describe how you arrange and decorate your home when you get ready to sell. 

If the term “staging your home” reminds you of a stage play, it should. A play or musical set on a stage is literally “staged” to be performed. So, you might consider your house as being “staged” for a performance – but in this case, the performance is getting ready to be sold to a potential buyer. 

Staging your home can involve many different things before you list it online – not every home seller will do all of these steps, but it’s important to consider them as you’re getting ready to find a new owner for your home. By following these steps, you can stand out from the crowd and potentially even boost your chances of selling your home quick.

Clean Up! 

This one might seem obvious, but take some time to tidy up before taking photos of your home after it’s staged! 

Even small details like dusting or vacuuming can go a long way in making the right impression with a potential buyer, which is why they’re a must when selling your home even apart from the staging process. Yes, these might be things you do around your home weekly anyways, but taking extra care when you’re staging your home to do these housekeeping tasks can have a huge impact. 

Consider New Life Through Painting

As you’ve lived in your manufactured home over the years, you’ve likely given it a fresh coat of paint to suit your tastes. 

As you’re getting your home ready to sell, consider painting it one last time to a neutral, widely accessible color. For example, if your home office is a shade of purple, consider painting it to a shade of beige or light blue. These are highly popular colors that will make it easier for a homebuyer to see themselves living in your home and making their own cosmetic changes. Speaking of which… 


Believe it or not, it’s more beneficial to take out personalizing touches from your home before you list it. 

Why, you might ask? Think of it this way: if a potential homebuyer is looking at photos of your mobile home, and they see photos of your family or home decor with your names on them, they’re less likely to be able to see themselves living in your home. 

Your goal, as a mobile home seller, is to help potential buyers see themselves living in your home and making it their own. So, even though it might feel heartless to take down the framed photos from the end tables in your living room, it might just help sell your mobile home that much quicker. 

Check Your Lighting

As you’re taking photographs for your online mobile home listing, you might notice that some are coming out too bright, or too dark. 

Before you start taking your photos, take a few test shots to see if your lighting is showing off your home in the best, well, light. If photos are coming out too dark, consider adding an extra lamp or two to brighten things up. Or, if you’re coming out too bright, find some windows that are letting in natural light (if any) and cover them up with some curtains. 

When it comes to staging your home, lighting plays an incredibly important role here, too. If a room is too dark when guests are touring, they might miss a feature of the room that convinces them to make an offer on your home

One other thing to note here: editing your photos before you post them may help, but don’t use them as your only crutch. Overediting is a real thing, and you don’t want your photos to look so edited that they look fake. 

Make Any Final Repairs

The last thing you want when you’re showing your mobile home to a potential buyer is for them to point out damage that you didn’t know was there. 

Take some time to do a visual inspection of your home before you prepare your mobile home for sale. You may find small cracks or other cosmetic issues that you wouldn’t have found otherwise. Addressing those and making final mobile home repairs before you stage your home for buyers in your area will go a long way in making it shine that much more!