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How Can You Contact a Mobile Home Park You’re Interested In?

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We’re going to start this blog with a hypothetical scenario. Let’s say you’re looking for mobile homes for sale in a mobile home park. While you’re looking, whether you’re looking for homes in your neighborhood or browsing MHVillage, you find a community that has it all. 

Your favorite amenities. The perfect manufactured home for sale. The right location. 

From there, you might be wondering – how can you contact a park that you’re interested in moving to on MHVillage? 

The MHVillager has the answers.  

Finding a Community You’re Interested In

The first step to contacting a mobile home park that you’re interested in is finding one, first. 

What is the definition of the right mobile home park for you? Well, it can mean a few different things: 

  • It has the right amenities. If you’re passionate about keeping in shape and want to hit the pickleball court, finding a community that has a pickleball court would be important to you. Finding a park with the right amenities can be crucial to ensuring your long-term success in that park.
  • It has the perfect mobile home for you. One aspect of your community search should be the search for the right home. The right community will have the perfect home for you, from the floor plan of your desire to the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. 
  • It offers your preferred level of privacy. Many mobile home parks offer gated security to offer peace of mind for their residents. In fact, many prefer this, as they know they’ll have a quiet neighborhood to come home to. 
  • It’s in your budget. This might be one of the most important considerations. The right park for you should be within your budget for a manufactured home that offers what you want and need out of your home. 
  • It’s in your desired market. Whether you’re moving between neighborhood or one that’s in another state, the right community for you will be in an area that you want to call home. Maybe that area is close to family, or close to where you work.   

How to Use MHVillage to Contact Communities

Once you find a community that you’re interested in, there are a few different ways you can make contact: 

First, you can contact a community directly through MHVillage. This is one of the easiest ways to contact a manufactured home community that you’re interested in moving to. 

On a community profile on MHVillage, you’ll find a form that will allow you to contact the community directly to request more information on their available homes. Here, you’ll provide your contact information so that the community can contact you back. 

You can also email the community from their community profile on MHVillage in some instances as well. On some community profiles, you’ll see a red Email button that you can use to send an email to the community. 

This will allow you to send an email with information about your inquiry. 

Or, you can call the community directly from your phone or telephone-enabled computer (using Skype or a similar provider) directly from a community’s profile on MHVillage as well. 

Under the Email button, you may see another button that says Call Community. From your mobile device, you can click that button to call them if their phone number is listed with MHVillage. If your computer is connected to an application that can make and receive telephone calls, you can click this button to make a call that way, too. 

How to Find Communities

If you’re interested in finding a manufactured home community to call home, but aren’t sure where to start, look no further than MHVillage

On MHVillage, you can browse thousands of mobile home parks that list their information and view their available mobile homes for sale. You can even browse communities based on a number of search criteria from our Mobile Home Parks search page, such as search radius, park type, and parks with available lots.