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How to Find the Right Size Mobile Home For You

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If you’re getting ready to buy a mobile home, you’re likely thinking about the size of the mobile home you’d like to live in. Perhaps you’re upgrading from an apartment setting, or looking to find the home that’s just right for you as you get ready to retire. 

It’s important to know how mobile home sizing works before you buy, so consider the following mobile home sizes as you’re getting ready to make your purchase: 

Behind the Sizes


Single-wide manufactured homes are the base-level size you’ll find in the manufactured housing market. In terms of their shape, they’re most commonly rectangular, making the layout simple and easier to navigate. They’ll often have 2-3 bedrooms and 1-2 bathrooms. While the measurements can vary greatly, you’ll often find single-wide manufactured homes around 16 feet in width and 80 feet in length. 


A double-wide manufactured home, despite its name, isn’t always twice the size of a single-wide. This is because, again, not all single-wide manufactured homes are the same size, and that’s also true for double-wides. But, double-wides will often have more bedrooms and bathrooms, about one or two more than a single-wide, and are moved in sections before being joined at the home site. You’ll also have more living space across other rooms of the house, too. 

Triple-Wide and Quadruple-Wide Homes

Like a double-wide home, triple-wide manufactured homes are shipped in sections and then joined on-site. Because a triple-wide is so much bigger than a single-wide, offering up to 3,600+ square feet of space, they offer the most options when it comes to floor plan customization

You can even order a quadruple-wide manufactured home that offers the same benefits as a triple-wide, but on a larger scale. While rarer, they can even look more like a site-built home thanks to their multiple sections.

Sizes for individuals

If you’re an individual looking to move into a manufactured home, you’ll most likely want to consider a single-section home. As we mentioned earlier, these mobile homes typically have dimensions of 16’ by 80’, offering roughly 1,280 square feet of home space before you factor in the specifics of your floor plan and layout of furniture and appliances. However, single-wide manufactured homes may come in a number of sizes, based on the chart above.

If you’ll be moving into a manufactured home with a partner, a single-wide may still do the trick, but if a double-wide manufactured home is in your budget it may very well be worth considering. 

Sizes for families 

If you have one or more children, a double-wide manufactured home may offer more space and floor plan options that fit your exact family needs. For instance, perhaps each child needs their own bedroom, or perhaps you’d like a manufactured home with a mudroom for the family to hang their coats up in. Maybe the parents even need a custom home office. A double-wide manufactured home, and especially custom manufactured homes, can offer these features. 

If you’re getting ready to buy, start your manufactured home search today with MHVillage and find the place of your dreams.