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How to Remodel a Mobile Home


Mobile home remodeling is one of the easiest remodeling projects. However, most mobile homeowners get overwhelmed when they think about remodeling just by looking at their mobile home’s design, floors, windows, and walls. The secret behind having a smooth mobile home remodeling process is planning. What mobile home remodeling ideas do you have in mind? How are you going to execute those ideas? Achieving the look of a mobile home that you always dream of needs careful planning.

Mobile Home Remodeling Ideas

Remodeling a mobile home will always add value to the home. That elegant look you see in some mobile homes comes as a result of remodeling. There are a ton of easy remodeling ideas that you can incorporate into your mobile home. These ideas bring out different styles and designs depending on the owners’ taste.



To achieve a great design, the roof pitch of the mobile house needs to be higher. Experts advise that a roof pitch of nothing less than 4/12 will give the home a great look from the outside and the inside. The best thing about having a higher roof pitch is that rain and snow will easily slide off. Before beginning to upgrade the roof pitch, check the roof support to ensure that they are firm. Also, check for roof leaks to repair that before upgrading.

If there are leaks on the roof, you should then assess the condition of the ceiling to determine whether it can be repaired or replaced.


Eaves prevent water from getting to the home siding and windows. The wider the eaves, the better.  Since the roof pitch for a remodeled mobile home is higher, the eaves need to be broad. They should measure 12 inches to 16 inches wide.


The mobile home has both interior and exterior doors. Small doors are often less appealing. Since most mobile homes have small doors, you need to think about changing that. The way to go for the doors is to replace them with larger ones. Also, choose a suitable door material depending on where you are installing the door. For exterior doors, go for aluminum materials. The exterior door should measure 36 inches wide and 80 inches tall. For interior doors, wood material is the way to go. Look for hardwood doors to replace the already existing doors. With the interior door, look for the latest doorknobs to give the door a much pleasant look.


It may seem impossible to have a basement in a mobile home, but it is possible. With a considerable amount of money and significant expertise from a contractor, you can add a basement as a mobile home foundation. In the world we are living in today, this process is more straightforward because of emerging equipment and techniques. With a basement, your living space will be more significant. You can add a bedroom in the basement. That sounds amazing, right?

ProTip Takeaway: Adding a basement under a mobile home requires a lot of skills and experience. Ensure you are working with the best contractor to handle the modification for the basement space to be accessible. Others may ask, do you need a permit to remodel a mobile home? Ensure you confirm that the contractor has remodeling licensing.


Windows are essential parts that assist in cooling and heating the mobile home interior. The windows of a mobile home need to be of a standard size. Windows enhance insulation that ensures there is not too much heat or cold inside a mobile home. Besides that, they also give the home a great look both from the outside and the inside. To enhance the look through the windows, you can integrate classy curtains. Choose curtains that rhyme with the house paint and style.


Another remodeling idea that makes a mobile home look fantastic is . You can extend space on the side of the home to add the garage. The garage can be attached or detached from the home. Each technique will give the home a look you want after adding a garage. A garage will make the home look bigger. Since a mobile home can be a bit small, you can also use the garage space to store some items. 


Unlike a site-built home, it is hard to install some floor type. However, a mobile home does not necessarily have to have a particular floor to look elegant. Other floor types are suitable for a mobile home. Think of having a wood floor or tile. There are outstanding wood and tile floor designs that you can add to your mobile home. For the floor, you can choose to incorporate a floor covering. In case the home had an old carpet, replace it with a new one. The new carpet needs to complement and rhyme with the style and paint color of the home.


A mobile home can also have an outdoor space. What do you think of having a porch in a mobile home? A deck will give your mobile home a completely different and nice look. For a minute, you can even forget that it is a mobile home.  Add a few pieces of furniture to the deck. It can be a perfect space for relaxing as you read a book. Or even have an evening drink as you enjoy the sunset.


There may not be too much space in a mobile home kitchen, but you can always create more space. For the kitchen, remove any unnecessary items and the things you rarely use to create more space. To give the kitchen a fresh look, you can replace the cabinets. In case your budget does not allow that, replace the door or repaint the existing ones. For the cabinet knobs and hinges, replace them with modern kinds to give the kitchen a modern style.

ProTip Takeaway: There are many easy mobile home remodeling ideas that we cannot complete in one-pieces. If you are working with the best contractor, you don’t have to worry about the ideas because a good contractor will give you trending remodeling ideas for your home.

Kitchen remodeling for a mobile home

How to remodel a mobile home on a budget

Whether you are hiring a professional to carry out the remodeling task or doing it yourself, you can still find ways to cut costs in each case. If you are working on a tight budget, you can follow tips to ensure that you don’t spend too much on mobile home remodeling than you intended. (Salter, 2019)

Budget plan

Budget Planning is the most critical step even before you decide on the remodeling design. Decide on the amount you would wish to spend on the mobile home remodeling project. With that, you can hire a professional depending on the amount you have. The contractor can then assist you in planning the rest of the budget for remodeling materials.

Purchase secondhand

New mobile home remodeling materials can be a bit expensive. As a person working on a tight budget, you should always go for inexpensive materials. One way to get inexpensive remodeling materials is by purchasing secondhand. However, it would help if you check how long the materials have been used to avoid buying overused items. You can also buy from local suppliers rather than purchasing from international suppliers. That saves on shipping costs.

Concentrate on crucial home components first

Some parts of a mobile home like the kitchen, bathroom, and living area are crucial. Remodeling any other part and leaving these own will not impact the overall appearance of the house. Begin by remodeling these critical parts, then remodel other small parts if you still have enough money left on your budget.

Choose a style and stick to it.

Jumping from one style to another when the remodeling will only lead to using too much money. If you choose a particular style, stick to it to avoid the additional cost in the process. You can also select two styles and integrate them right from the beginning. That will allow you to purchase only the remodeling materials that suit the style that you want the mobile home to have.

ProTip Takeaway: Having a clear understanding of the amount you wish to spend on the remodeling project saves you a lot of pressure and stress during the remodeling process

The cost of remodeling a mobile home

The average cost of remodeling a mobile home is between $50,000 and $80,000. However, for single-wide mobile homes, you can spend as low as $1,000. The cost of buying remodeling materials can be as low as $500.