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Inside and Out: Fool-proof Colors to Help You Sell

By Fidelity National Home Warranty

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Paint color likes and dislikes are personal, so your best approach to settling on a color to help you sell is to settle on a hue that will appeal to as many home shoppers as possible. The experts at pooled real estate agents and paint experts and came up with the following fool-proof colors to help you sell.

Best Exterior Paint Colors

Whites and Beiges

In choosing a color that will appeal to a broad audience, experts lean toward neutrals. Neutral colors will create a homey look and provide a backdrop that won’t “fight” with accent colors, or the colors of any obvious architectural features. Neutral colors will let your home’s exterior stand on its own.

A home painted with a white or beige exterior is simply a safe bet. White is a clean choice, and also a very common one.

Grays or Blues

If white or off-white is not your cup of tea, gray can be a great choice. Gray and blue can add a touch of “wow” to your home’s curb appeal. If you do go with a gray, complement it with a bright, white trim to create an irresistible flair that’s hard to beat.

However, light blues are known to increase energy and excitement. Color experts also say that light blue creates a sense of security.

Yellow Hues

What do home shoppers think of a yellow house? As long as the shade of yellow is not too bright, experts say that a yellow house reminds home buyers of youthful energy and optimism.

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Best Interior Paint Colors

Painting your home is the most inexpensive, yet effective renovation you will make to your property when it’s time to sell. The whole idea of painting to sell is to appeal to the masses. Keep your interior colors neutral as well. You want your potential buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. Experts contend that if potential buyers things they will have to re-paint soon upon taking occupancy, they will either move on to look at another house or lower their offer.

Kitchen – Potential homebuyers say they are much more likely to buy a house with a white kitchen. Other good choices include off-white or light yellow.

Bathroom – Light blue bathrooms are a winner. Potential homebuyers admitted they would pay 1.6% more for a bathroom with light blue walls, which translates to about $5,000 on a $300,000 home. Other choices to consider for your bathroom are gray, light yellow, or off-white.

Living Room – The color that invites potential home buyers to imagine themselves living in your home is gray. Gray is neutral, calming, and quiet. Other good choices, according to experts, include light yellow, light green, or off-white.

Bedrooms – A surprising color came in first for bedrooms – blue. Especially dark, deep, and peaceful shades of blue that invoke a good night’s rest. Buyers suggest they would pay nearly $1,500 more for a blue bedroom. Other options include light blue, forest green, light gray, and even bright blue.