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Mobile Home Decorating Ideas

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Mobile Home Decorating Ideas

Before we start discussing the options and mobile home decorating ideas let’s go over the definition of a mobile home.

What is a mobile home and how is it different from an ordinary home?

Just to begin with, a mobile home is a new term used for manufactured homes. Mobile homes also known as trailers are homes on wheels that prior to 1976 were mass-produced with little building regulation and control from the government. They mostly looked like modern-day campers with an exposed trailer coupler and wheels that make the home easily movable.

Mobile homes are built entirely in the factory under a federal building code administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD code).
They may be single- or multi-section and are transported to the site and installed. These homes are built entirely inside factories, where the environment has climate control, therefore, no weather delays may appear.

There are countless mobile home remodel ideas for customization. Now you can choose everything before the workers actually start constructing your new home. All kinds of floor plans, windows, colors, amenities, etc are available.

If you are thinking about how to decorate an old mobile home, you are at the right place! There are no limits to mobile home decorating as nowadays customized furniture or any other decorative items are very easy to find. 

Mobile home decoration tips 

Living room decoration tips

Even a very tiny living room can look clever and smart if done right! A bit of smart decorating can change the feeling of the space from being cluttered to cozy and calming.

From thoughtful furniture placement and genius ways with paint to savvy curtain tricks there’s a whole host of smart ideas to make your small living room feel bigger than it actually is. You can also check decorating ideas for mobile home living rooms online to get some ideas of color combinations and styles.

Tip #1. Open up a wall

Usually, small areas become smaller if they are closed from all possible sides. If your living room feels dark, small, and unattractive, opening up a wall can be just what you need. 

Tip #2.  Make the right sofa choice

One of the most important things to remember when decorating a small mobile home is the furniture and how much space it takes.

In terms of the living room, it is a great idea to put a neutral sofa to help lighten the space, however, it’s worth remembering that neutral doesn’t have to mean selecting a plain design. There are decorative pillows that will add up a spark to the overall design.

Tip #3. Keep it Smart

Still wondering how to decorate your mobile home? No worries here is a very crucial tip to follow while doing so. Choose one color scheme and add patterns. Use paint to zone spaces within the room and add plenty of plants to bring a feeling of life to the room.

Tip #4. Built all in

If your living room is small and you really need to free up some space, another great tip is “built-in”. Built-in shelving and cupboards are much better space savers than freestanding, but a built-in seating area too will mean no space is wasted at all. This way you can add some more decorative patterns to the corners of the room to emphasize the style.

Bathroom decoration tips

In every house the bathroom is probably the most used room yet the smallest one of them all. A well-designed bathroom should be big enough to store things and also bathrooms are our “safe zone” where we feel relaxed and free. It is a good idea to dedicate a good space for bathrooms in your house.

If your space is small you can still achieve the feeling of a big bathroom if you choose your decorating ideas very carefully. Let’s dig into some tips on how to do so.

Tip #1. Be strategic with patterns

Small patterns can make you feel pressured especially if the space is small. A good idea to open a space in the bathroom will be to have the walls painted in a neutral monochrome scheme while you can have some cool patterns on the floor. This way you can embrace your personal style and not overwhelm the space of the bathroom.

You can hang small decorative features on the wall, but make sure not to overwhelm them.

Tip #2. Consider a fixed shower panel

If you are decorating a mobile home on a budget, a bathroom can be the room to start with. If your bathroom is small and also you don’t want too many expenses on it, think about putting a fixed shower panel. It will save you space and money!

Tip #3. Be clever with the mirror setting

Mirrors can play an important role in opening up some space and reflecting light into the room. You can, for instance, use smaller mirrors to install in the bathroom to help the light reflect multiple times. 

Tip #4. Get rid of extra towels and supplies

Having a couple of towels hanging on the wall with no reason or use can make the space look smaller than it really is. Try to fold the towels and have a small area with decorative features and towels rather than hanging them on the wall. 

Tip #5. Avoid Pedestal Sinks

Even though pedestal sinks look very aesthetic and good if your bathroom is small avoid having them as they can make the overall space look smaller.

Tip #6. Use the Same Tile Color and Pattern for the Walls and Floor

When the tiles and the floor pattern match or are the same when entering the room you won’t feel the separation of the wall and the room might appear bigger.

Kitchen decoration tips

Many of us spend hours in the kitchen on a daily basis and it is important to have a flexible and smart kitchen design. Here are some tips you can use to make your kitchen look bigger. These can be great for a single-wide mobile home decoration. 

Tip #1. Hang cutting boards

Hanging some of the kitchen utilities can save up some space in the cupboard. Generally, it is also very user-friendly and most women find it handy to have some of their everyday use utilities hang on the wall.

Tip #2. Go minimal

Pare down clutter and your tiny kitchen is guaranteed to feel bigger. Gray subway tile and open shelves also offer a minimalistic look. Also, try to keep things color-coordinated in your kitchen. This way the space will look bigger.

Porch decoration tips

Mobile homes come with beautiful porches and features but you can add your unique taste to it indeed. There are many ways to decorate the exterior parts of your house. A small front porch can live just as big and beautifully as expansive decks and patios. All that’s needed is a little know-how. Let’s check some tips on mobile home porch decorating ideas.

Tip #1. Use every inch of your porch

Even if you have limited space in your porch that shouldn’t hold you back from creating an inviting front porch seating area. Choose lightweight, low-profile furniture that can easily be moved as needed, and make use of dual-purpose pieces such as stools that can function as both a side table and extra seating.

Tip #2. Add some outdoor accessories

Depending on your taste and creativity there should be key accessories in your porch to embrace your personality. Usually people like wooden furniture on the porch for an inviting and cozy mood. In a small area, wooden furniture can seem a bit overwhelming.

Tip #3. Use color to trick the eye

Colors play a huge role in decorations and the overall vision of the area. On a small porch, some color combos can create a sense of visual expansiveness that can disguise an area’s limited dimensions. Thinking about some color scheme? Pastel colors are a natural fit to foster a light, open feel.

How to remodel a mobile home

Even before you buy your mobile home you can start planning on the design and decoration ideas to personalize your space. Here are some tips on remodeling a mobile home. Mobile homes are no different than site-built homes when it comes to customizing the inner design or making some remodeling changes.

There might be certain regulations on what you can do to your mobile home but that depends on the state. Some of the reasons people go for remodeling are to:

  • Repurpose a room 
  • Change the interior/exterior 
  • Change the layout 
  • Freshen up the look
  • Outside remodel (adding a small porch area)    
  • Improve future sales potential 
  • Change it to a “Green House” eco friendly
  • Pump/drainage issues

Mobile home remodel cost strongly depends on what you choose to go with (materials, features, certain design) and also the size of the house, whether it is a single wide, double, or triple/multi wide mobile home. Some basic but very common mobile home remodeling is combining the kitchen with the living/dining room which can be easy and cheap.

Remodeling mobile home on a budget strongly depends on what you wish. The double-wide mobile home decorating ideas are much more because of the more space usually available to remodel or decorate. The most exciting moment for everyone is when they compare their mobile home remodel before and after photos!

Permit for Remodeling

Do you need a permit to remodel a mobile home? A question that many people want to know! Usually, you don’t need a permit for mobile home exterior remodel such as the structure, roof system, walls, windows, exterior doors, and mobile home interior remodel such as floors, interior walls, etc. But they must be equivalent to the original construction.

It is difficult to mention a certain list as depending on what area you are in the regulations can be different. You should consider talking to your local building department to determine what permits you will need before beginning to install your mobile home.

Benefits of mobile homes

Many people believe that affordable housing is out of their economic reach because mortgages on site-built homes are more difficult to obtain now. But they forget about manufactured homes that are cheap and of the highest quality.

There is a huge list of benefits that come with a mobile home but one of the main is that mobile homes are very affordable compared to site-built homes.

Why are mobile homes less expensive you might wonder? 

Some reasons include the following:

  • The factory uses an assembly line to build these homes. The process becomes more efficient;
  • It is built inside so there are no weather delays;
  • Manufacturing is not disrupted by theft of both workers and hooligans;
  • Due to the scale of production, a manufacturer buys large quantities of materials at less cost;
  • The property taxes on manufactured homes are lower than on-site homes;
  • Mortgages on manufactured homes are easier to obtain.

Another fact indeed is that mobile homes can make homeownership easier to achieve. And since mobile homes cost less per square foot than a stick-built home, you can get more space for your money.

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FAQ  [frequently asked questions]

How can I decorate my mobile home? 

Decorating a mobile home is an easy task if you know the tricks on how to do it properly. If you have a single wide mobile home and you struggle with small space then decorating it in a specific way can be a solution to make the house look bigger. 

How do you decorate the front of a mobile home?

Decorating the front of a mobile home is very exciting. By choosing the right color scheme and adding some key accessories to the porch area will make it look very inviting. 

How can I make my mobile home look nice?

  1. Upgrade to a higher roof pitch.
  2. Install Larger Doors (Exterior and Interior)
  3. Install Crown Molding and Trim.
  4. Construction upgrades and remodeling
  5. DIY decorations