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Mobile Homes With Four or Five Bedrooms – Do They Exist?


Manufactured homes and mobile homes are incredibly popular for a variety of reasons. For one, they’re insanely affordable. The average selling price of a new manufactured home in 2021 – $92,911, according to Datacomp sales data – is a fraction of the rising cost of site-built homes in 2021 and 2022. 

Even with mobile homes being so affordable, there’s another reason why they’re so popular. Millions of families have turned to manufactured housing because they offer the same level of quality as site-built homes. 

If you’re looking for homes over 1,500 square feet with tons of space for you and your family, then manufactured homes can offer just that. Imagine bedrooms for your children, a spare flex room to keep their toys, or an open concept kitchen, dining room, or even a master bath. 

One question that we receive a lot at the MHVillager is whether you can buy four bedroom mobile homes, or even one with five bedrooms. The answer may be more in-depth than you think. 

Here, we’ll go over how mobile home sizing works, and how you might be able to find a mobile home with four bedrooms or more.  

Mobile Home Sizing Basics

Before we talk about mobile home bedrooms, it’s important to reinforce how mobile home sizing works. 

Mobile homes start off as “single-wide” or “single-section” homes. This means that they’re built in a single section in the factory, and then shipped to the home site. Most single-wide mobile homes are between 480 square feet and 1,440 square feet, though you can find some that are larger. The average single-wide manufactured home comes in at around 900 square feet or more. 

Most often, you’ll find that a single-wide mobile home has two or three bedrooms. However, there’s a way to find mobile homes with even more bedrooms for you and your family. 

Multi-Section Mobile Homes

Larger mobile homes are built in multiple sections. These are why you’ll hear these homes referred to as “multi-section” homes. 

The most common type of multi-section mobile home is referred to as a double-wide. As you can guess based on its name, a double-wide manufactured home has two sections. So, they’ll also be called “double-section mobile homes” from time to time. 

The way multi-section mobile homes are named only gets easier. If a mobile home has three sections, then it’s called a triple-wide mobile home, or triple-section. For mobile homes with four sections, those are referred to as quadruple wide mobile homes as well as quadruple section. Many homeowners and industry pros simply refer to them as multi-section homes once you have two or more sections. 

All of this is to say that the more sections your mobile home has, the more likely you’ll be able to find a model that has four or more bedrooms. This, of course, includes the master bedroom, as well as a few other spare bedrooms for the family. Let’s go into more detail about how to find a mobile home with all of the bedrooms you’ll need. 

Can These Homes Have Four or Five Bedrooms? 

The short answer is yes. In some markets, you can find mobile homes with four or even five bedrooms. 

To go more in-depth about mobile homes with four or more bedrooms, the number of homes you find that fit this criteria may depend on your market. 

Take Florida, for example, you may have an easier time finding a mobile home with four or five bedrooms compared to other markets. This is because Florida is one of the largest markets in the United States for manufactured housing, so inventory is often in abundant supply.

How Can I Find A Four Bedroom Mobile Home?

If you’re looking for a mobile home with four bedrooms, MHVillage has you covered. 

On MHVillage, you can filter your mobile home search based on the number of bedrooms. When you’re on the mobile home search page, simply click on the “Bedrooms” dropdown menu. From there, you can select “4 Bedrooms” to ONLY show mobile homes with that amount of bedrooms in your market. You’ll be able to browse listings that have photos of the master bedroom as well as each spare bedroom in the home.

Keep in mind that some markets may have more mobile homes with 4 bedrooms than others. So, you may want to expand your search radius to find as many options as possible. You can do this by selecting from the “Search Radius” dropdown menu next to the Bedrooms menu. 

How Can I Find A Five Bedroom Mobile Home? 

You can use the same process we just outlined to find five-bedroom mobile homes. However, these homes may be more uncommon in your market than mobile homes with four bedrooms.