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Remodeling Your Mobile Home Bathroom? Here’s Everything You Should Consider.


If you’re thinking about selling your mobile home, or simply want to give it some new life, you should consider remodeling your mobile home bathroom. 

Not only should your bathroom give you comfort, privacy, and provide a sense of luxury, but keeping it modern and stylish can have an impact on your manufactured home’s resale value. But, if you’re not selling your manufactured home anytime soon, then remodeling your bathroom can still breathe new life into your home. 

For those looking to start a bathroom remodel, here is everything you should consider from top to bottom: 


Remodeling a mobile home bathtub can be a big or a small project. Whether you’re giving it a new finish or replacing it outright, a bathtub remodel in your mobile home can go a long way. 

One way to go is with a free-standing clawfoot tub. These have been popular in centuries past, but have made a comeback as a stylish, elegant, and refined option for bathrooms across the country. 

Or, if you want to explore refinishing your existing tub, many mobile homeowners opt to go for a DIY approach. You can find DIY kits for refinishing your mobile home bathtub that make the job manageable, yet satisfactory. However, we recommend seeking out professional advice before you begin a large project like this. 


When it comes to your shower, remodeling can mean a few different things. Maybe you have a standing shower and want to resurface it with tile, stone, or another material. Or, perhaps you just need to replace your showerhead with a new water-efficient model. 

In any case, you should highly consider whether your shower needs a remodel if you’re working on your bathroom. Remodeling a shower can mean increased water efficiency, or even an all-new look for your bathroom that’s just your style. 


The toilet is one of the most important fixtures in your manufactured home bathroom. So, having one that works as intended is important. 

Like your shower, this is another area where you want to ensure that you’re being as energy efficient as possible. Replacing your toilet with a low-flush model is a great way to be more environmentally friendly. 

Or, if you’re looking at other ideas, something as small as replacing the toilet seat or installing an easy-install bidet can do wonders for your bathroom. 


You might not think about your mobile home bathroom’s sink all that much, but in reality it’s just as important as the other items on the list. 

Remodeling a bathroom for its sinks is a great way to bring it into the modern age. Installing a new sink made of glass, ceramic, or marble can add a sense of luxury when you’re washing your hands. In fact, you can even add a sink if you have room for a his-and-her sink setup. 

If you’re happy with the number of sinks in your bathroom, you could look at re-doing the countertops on your sink for a new finish. Or, installing a new faucet can help improve water flow.  


Tiled or vinyl flooring in a mobile home bathroom is incredibly common. It’s a simple, yet effective way of flooring a bathroom, as non-porous materials like these reduce the risk of mold buildup. 

When remodeling your bathroom, keep in mind the flooring and decide whether it’s what you want in terms of style, color, and material. It might just be the perfect time to consider reflooring! 

Re-flooring your manufactured home bathroom can be an easy DIY project, too, depending on the material as well as your know-how. If you’re going with vinyl flooring, it’s especially doable if you have a friend or family member to help you out and make the job go by even faster. 


The exhaust fan in your bathroom – also known as a vent fan – is incredibly important when it comes to moisture control, getting rid of any stale air, and ensuring your bathroom doesn’t smell like wet socks. Without a properly working fan, you’ll have mold growing in your bathroom left and right.

Take time to make sure your exhaust fan is venting properly. If it’s not, repair or replace it as soon as you can. While some vent fan issues can be fixed with a reset at your circuit breaker, generally you’ll want to call a professional to have it looked at. 


Think about how much storage you have in your bathroom. Do you have a medicine cabinet behind your mirror? What about storage space under your sink for cleaning supplies? A towel rack? Shower supply storage? 

If you find yourself wanting some more space to store your bathroom essentials, the perfect time to do so is while you’re in the middle of a remodel. Upgrading your mirror to one with a medicine cabinet will give you more room for your ibuprofen, first aid needs, and more. 

Another popular option is a rack that sits above your toilet that takes advantage of otherwise unused vertical space. This makes for a perfect way to add space for your hairbrush or makeup bag!