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Single wide vs double wide. Which is better to buy?

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Single Wide vs Double Wide Mobile Homes

Pull up any set of home listings, and you might feel overwhelmed by your options. Buying a new house requires a lot of time, effort, and headaches sometimes! The market is full of a wide range of mobile, prefab or other kinds of houses one can find interesting to buy! There are specific factors to guide you of course! Your budget is the primary one perhaps.

If you are a lover of mobile homes you might find difficulty in choosing a single or double wide mobile home for your family or perhaps even triple wide! Let’s discuss single wide vs double wide homes and understand how they can be compared! Single wide vs double wide mobile homes, which is better to buy?

These are the things you should pay attention to when comparing the two! See the table below to grasp a quick idea of their differences! Single vs double wide mobile homes.

Single Wide Home

These homes are typically easier to transport and can fit on a single semi-trailer, making them more affordable to relocate. Since the square footage is relatively small, a single-wide home is ideal for individuals or couples without children. The smaller size often means the purchase price for one of these houses is more affordable than a double-wide model. See more specific information on the sizes and dimensions of a single wide home.

Double Wide Home

Double-wide manufactured homes have an average width two times the size of most single-wide models. As a result, the floor plan is much larger and can easily accommodate families of all sizes. However, the larger footprint means they require more land, potentially increasing the overall purchase price.

Additionally, these homes are shipped in two separate trailers and assembled on-site, so they may take longer to complete. These mobile homes are roomy and inviting, and they also come with a number of customization options. This means your new home can reflect your personal style preferences. Sizes and dimensions of a double-wide mobile home.

A home’s resale value is its estimated worth in the future. Depending on the house conditions, age and location there are always changes in the resale value of a specific house!

Single wide

Single wide mobile homes are less expensive compared to double ones as discussed when it’s new to buy but also bring less money when it comes time to sell it. Single wide has 30-50% less resale value compared to a double-wide.

Double wide

It is always easier to resell double-wide mobile homes vs single ones. A double-wide looks more like a traditional home, especially when it’s on the ground. The space and the configuration of the floor plan work better for many customers. These facts make the resale value higher indeed! In general, a double-wide will sell for 20% to 50% more than a single wide of the same age and condition.

Let’s dive deep. Here are some pros and cons of Single vs double-wide mobile homes.

Single Wide Mobile Home
Less expensiveSmaller area
Lower taxesHarder to resell
Quick construction and setupLimited design and alterations
Low maintenance costs 
Double Wide Mobile Home
More areaMore expensive
Easier to resellHigher taxes
Flexibility in a floor planLonger construction period
 Expensive to set up