Gadjo | White Knight


Minihorse Mascot

Hi, my name is Gadjo! I am a miniature horse, not a pony… I am 8 years old, I am the Mascot for White Knight and I go everywhere with my parents. I was born in Ocala, Florida which is known as the horse capital of the world, or so I’m told. I live indoors and my favorite food is sweet feed. I do occasionally enjoy apples, sugar cubes, and maybe a Coors light on the weekends. I am typically at EVERY UNR football tailgate! As we enjoy supporting our Wolf Pack and giving back to our local community by serving FREE hot dogs for the 1st 1000 Wolf Pack fans.  I love pets, hugs, and being out in the crowd saying hi to all the locals! I’m not shy so if you see me, please take a photo with me as I enjoy making people smile. Most recently I was named Moana Nursery’s Pet of the Month for October 🙂