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The Zen of the Single-Wide Mobile Home Lifestyle

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2022 has seen an emphasis on wellness and simple living above all else. In a time where costs of living are going up, there has never been more interest in simple, frugal living. 

For the minimalist at heart, now is the perfect time to dive into the single-wide mobile home lifestyle. They’re a great source of affordable living, are a minimalist’s best friend because of their reasonable size, and are great for downsizers as well. 

Here’s what you need to know: 

What Is A Single-Wide Mobile Home? 

Often, you’ll hear a mobile home described as a “single-wide” or a “double-wide.” This distinction has to do with the mobile home’s size. However, it can carry other implications, too. 

What are the dimensions of the average manufactured home? Well, for single-wides, it depends. A single wide mobile home usually measures between 12 to 18 feet long, 40 to 80 feet wide, and just over 13 feet tall. The exact height usually comes in at around 13 feet, 6 inches. 

Because the length and width of a single-wide mobile home can vary, that means there is no one square footage for all single-wides. That said, the square footage can vary from 480 square feet to 1,440 square feet or more. Generally, you’ll find single-wide mobile homes that are 900 square feet or more. 

Single wide mobile home sizes

What makes a single-wide comes down to how it is built, too. When a mobile or manufactured home is built in the factory, it is constructed in sections. For example, a double-wide mobile home is built in two sections at the factory. 

What does this mean for single-wide mobile homes? Well, it’s simple. A single-wide mobile home is built in a single section at the factory before being transported to the home site. This is why you’ll sometimes see people refer to them as “single-section” homes. 

So, now that we’ve covered the basics of what a single-wide mobile home is, let’s take a dive into what makes them so appealing to millions of people across the country. 

They’re SUPER Affordable 

Right away, this is one of the strongest benefits on the list. Single-wide mobile home prices are well-known for being extremely affordable for families everywhere. Let’s take a look at some numbers. 

The average cost of a pre-owned manufactured home was $60,733 in 2021, according to Datacomp sales data. While that doesn’t cover single-wide manufactured homes exclusively, single-wides often sell for at or below this average price. 

In comparison, the average price of a site-built home was $408,000, according to 2021 Statista data. 

Now, it’s important to remember that living in a single-wide mobile home offers many of the same benefits as living in a site-built home. For one, the amount of space you may have is comparable, as many site-built homes are in the 900 – 1,400 square foot range. 

More importantly, you can OWN your home for a fraction of the cost. This is a huge upgrade over renting an apartment that’s only a few hundred square feet while costing a thousand dollars or more. 

This means that you can get the homeowner lifestyle for a fraction of the cost. You’ll have more privacy, more security, and more freedom. Manufactured housing, as a result, is the PERFECT choice for those looking to own a home without all of the frills. 

They’re Perfect For A Minimalist Lifestyle

If you need to declutter or take on a more frugal lifestyle, you should absolutely look at single-wide mobile homes. 

Single-wides offer everything you need – bedrooms, bathroom(s), kitchen, living room, storage space, and even some yard space. However, you don’t have to worry about having too much grass to mow if you buy a single-wide on leased land. And, of course, you won’t have to worry about having a lifestyle of excess or clutter in a single-wide mobile home. 

This means that arranging furniture, cleaning your home, taking on projects such as painting – all are as simple as can be in a single-wide mobile home. Even larger projects, such as painting your home with new single-wide mobile home exterior paint colors, are a breeze. 

They’re a Great Alternative for Other Types of Housing

Many Americans opt to purchase vacation homes away from where they live. This can be in the next town over, or several states away. 

Additionally, you often see retirees that relocate to Florida, Arizona or other warmer states in their golden years. They’ll either purchase second homes, or condominiums that offer benefits such as lakefront access. 

Not only that, but there’s a THIRD type of home that’s gaining momentum: the tiny home. While these have been a popular option for homeownership, particularly with younger homeowners, they have not been in strong supply since they’re still rather niche. Park model homes are a similar model that’s gaining popularity.

So, what type of home can answer the needs of all three? Why, the single-wide manufactured home, of course! 

For those who seek out an affordable vacation home or retirement home, single-wide manufactured homes answer the call. Like we mentioned earlier, they’re several times cheaper than the average site-built home. This makes them a friendly option for those who want a vacation home separate from their main home.

Their budget-friendliness makes them great for retirement homes, too. Many retirees like to travel and explore new hobbies that were unavailable to them when they were working. So, this means that cutting back on living expenses during retirement is often common. With single-wide manufactured homes, reducing your living expenses when you’re retired becomes that much easier.

They’re also great for those seeking out something similar to a tiny home to call their own. While some tiny homes can be more expensive because of their short supply, mobile homes are routinely cheaper than their site-built counterparts.    

They’re Perfect For Downsizing

When moving from one home to another, downsizing is a common tactic. It means more affordable living and less clutter, which makes it an appealing option for many. 

Downsizing, to many people, means compromise. This can include moving into a home that’s smaller than you’re comfortable with, doesn’t have enough storage space, or just isn’t the right fit for you. 

However, downsizing shouldn’t have to come with unnecessary drawbacks. That’s why single-wide mobile homes are such a popular choice for those looking to downsize. Because they continue to offer the benefits of homeownership, it means you give up less by downsizing and simplifying your lifestyle. 

Downsizing into a manufactured home also means you can potentially take advantage of new amenities. If you live in a mobile home parks you’ll have various amenities at your disposal. These can include dog parks, walking trails, clubhouses, and a swimming pool, among many others. 

And, living in a community means that some utilities, such as internet and garbage pickup, are included in your lot rent. This makes downsizing that much easier when you have one less expense to worry about.