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U.S. Existing Home Sales Price Continue To Rise, Widening The Affordability Gap Versus New Manufactured Homes

By Jimmy Hegeduis In Manufactured Homes

Sales of previously occupied U.S.homes rose again in January, a sign that the housing market’s strong momentum from 2020 may be carrying over into this year, according to an AP report.

The market for pre-owned site-built homes cooled slightly in November, said the National Association of Realtors after climbing through the late spring, summer, and early fall despite the pandemic. U.S. home sales rose 0.6% in January from the previous month to a seasonally adjusted rate of 6.69 million annualized units. Sales jumped 23.7% from a year earlier. It was the strongest sales pace since October and the second-highest since 2006.

Home prices also rose. The U.S median home price was $303,900 in January, an increase of 14.1% from a year earlier. Prices increased in every region of the country. The dearth of homes for sale has been the main driver of escalating home prices.


The average sales prices for existing pre-owned homes automatically eliminates many hard-working lower to middle-income families from the realization of homeownership, whereas a new manufactured home is “everything a home should be,” for about half the price.

The following are some of the many advantages of becoming a new manufactured homeowner vs. an existing pre-owned home or a new home built on site

  • Manufactured housing is the only form of home regulated by a federal building code that includes health, safety, energy efficiency, and durability.
  • Greater flexibility of the construction process allows a manufactured home to be custom built to the requirements, lifestyle, and wants of the individual home buyer, including enhanced energy efficiency such as Energy Star-labeled manufactured homes/modular homes for substantial savings in many aspects of owning and operating a home and an array of amenities, decor, fixtures, and appliances.
  • A manufactured home is a sound investment, with a cost up to 50% less per square foot than a comparable traditional site-built home, equal and often superior in quality of construction, appearance, and amenities.
  • The affordability of manufactured homes is due to the efficiency of the factory building process, utilizing the same building materials as site-built homes. The controlled environment and assembly-line techniques remove many of the problems encountered during traditional on-site home construction, such as weather, theft, vandalism, etc.
  • Technological advances allow manufactured home/modular home builders to offer a variety of architectural styles and finishes that will allow a manufactured home to blend seamlessly into almost any neighborhood.
  • Multiple manufactured home/modular home financing choices are available, whether a home is placed on private property or within a land-lease community. A manufactured home affixed to real estate will qualify for mortgage financing similar to a traditional site-built home, including FHA and Va. Because total consideration is lower, the required initial investment (down payment) requirement will be proportionately less.