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Your Top Mobile Home Inspection Tips

MH Villager

If you’re getting ready to buy a mobile home, the seller may have already shown you paperwork relating to a mobile home inspection. In many cases, they’ve already gotten an inspection completed prior to listing their home. 

However, you may want to consider a mobile home inspection of your own. A buyer-ordered home inspection is incredibly common, even for site-built homes, so that you can get a full view of your new home’s condition. 

Today, we’ll go over the top four mobile home inspection tips so that, when the time comes, you’re ready to handle the inspection process with virtually zero stress and hassle. 

Tip 1 – Hire a Professional

At the MHVillager, we love to suggest DIY approaches for various remodel and repair projects. However, when it comes to a mobile home inspection, you should always – ALWAYS – hire a professional to do the job. 

Why? Because a professional mobile home inspector will know exactly what to look for when he’s assessing your home inside and out. And, your mobile home inspector can put together a comprehensive report of your mobile home’s condition, room by room, and highlight the most important takeaways. 

Tip 2 – Consider Which Approach Is Right For You 

No two mobile home inspectors are the same. Some, for example, may take different lengths of time. Some may take photos of the inside and outside of the home, while others may take photos of the outside only. In fact, some inspectors offer exterior-only inspections in some cases. 

Take some time to think about what kind of inspection is best for you as the home buyer. Do you want one that’s quick and easy to understand at the end of the day, or do you want one that’s more comprehensive? 

Tip 3 – Don’t Be Afraid to Get a Second Opinion, If You Need To 

Mobile home inspectors will go out of their way to ensure any potential repairs needed to your new home, minor or major, are documented so that you have a clear picture of your home’s condition. 

If you feel unsure that your roof would need a complete roof-over, you could reach out to a roofing contractor to see if there are other options available for your roof repair that will either save you money, prolong the life of your current roof, or both. 

That being said, there may be some repairs that you’ll HAVE to ensure are made before you can move in. These primarily relate to bringing your mobile home up to code with local ordinances – for example, perhaps your stairway on your front porch needs a handrail for safety purposes. In these instances, you’ll want to work with the seller to ensure these fixes are made promptly so that you can finish the closing process. 

Tip 4 – Ask Questions! 

This might be the most important tip on this list. If you’re unsure of what a part of your mobile home inspection means, ask your inspector! 

They will be more than happy to go into further detail about any given part of your inspection. They can also share information on how to best monitor an issue, get a repair done, or otherwise address any part of your inspection report. 

A mobile home inspection can seem daunting. You might be unsure if the inspection will turn up any unexpected repairs. But, the mobile home inspection process can be incredibly assuring knowing that you know everything there is to know about your new home. 

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