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Tips For Pet-Proofing Your Mobile Home


Picture this: you’ve just moved into your new manufactured home. You and your dog, or cat, are getting ready to start living the high life when it comes to being a homeowner. 

That is, until your pet decides that they’re the alpha of the house. Mud all over the floors. Food spilled all over the place. The works. 

How can you pet-proof your mobile home to keep your belongings, and your pet, safe? This blog will cover all of that, and more. 

Gates are a Homeowner’s Best Friend

If there’s a room in your manufactured home that you don’t want your furry friend to get into – such as the kitchen – a security gate is going to come in handy. 

There are several types of security gate that can be installed without any kind of hardware like screws or mounts. These easy-to-install models can be set up in minutes and do a great job of keeping your pet where you want them – and keeping them out of where you don’t. 

Protect Valuables and Hazardous Materials

A pet owner’s worst nightmare is finding that their dog or cat has damaged an expensive piece of equipment (like a video game system) or, worse, something that can hurt them. 

That’s why it’s a really good idea to keep these types of things away from your pets. The big thing to remember is that they shouldn’t be stored where they can easily get to them. This means no low shelves, no easy-to-open cabinets, and no loose bottles with hazardous substances where they can be spilled. 

When it comes to your video game console, or that new cell phone that you just bought, you definitely don’t want your dog or cat to treat them like a chew toy. So, keep them away from low tables or shelves that your pets can easily get to. 

Think about your charging cables and power cables, too. If your dog or cat want to chew on those, you not only put your possessions in danger, but your pet’s health, too. The risk of electric shock from pet damage is real! 

Cabinet Latches Are Cool! 

Odds are, your pet might be able to smell the treats that are in one of the kitchen cabinets. 

Believe it or not, childproof latches designed for cabinets are great for pets, too! With no hardware required to install them in many cases, they keep pets from being able to open a cabinet with just their nose or their paw. 

While it’s still a good idea to leave any hazardous chemicals away from lower cabinets, having additional peace of mind with a childproof lock is a great extra step to take. You should also keep this in mind for cabinets where foods that are toxic to many pets, such as chocolate, are found.

The best part is that these are a rather inexpensive, yet invaluable way to protect your belongings, whether they’re in a kitchen cabinet, bathroom cabinet, or even a closet that’s latched for security from your pet. 

Keep Your Mudroom Mud-Free

This tip is one that’s specifically geared for mobile homes with mudrooms in them. 

If you’re not already familiar, a mudroom is a room in your home that’s meant to serve as an entryway for not just you and your family, but your belongings as well – from your coat to your shoes. Think of it as a “drop zone” for your wet outerwear after coming back from the rain. Some manufactured homes also have double-purpose mudrooms that act as a laundry room as well. 

Not only are mudrooms great for storing your coat, umbrella, and car keys and purses, but they’re great for pet care, too. 

Some mudrooms come with dog washing stations that are perfect for giving your pooch a quick rinse after they’ve been digging for bones in the backyard. This is perfect for keeping literal mud out of the rest of your mudroom and away from your other belongings, too. 

If your mudroom doesn’t have a washing station, there are other things you can do with the space to keep the rest of your home free from pet damage: The best one we can recommend is a well-placed doormat, one that’s heavy-duty and can remove any outdoor debris from your shoes or your furry friend’s paws. This is a great idea for your mudroom’s entryway leading to the outside.  

These are just a few tips to pet-proof your mobile home, whether you’re just moving in or have lived in it for years before adopting your new best friend.